5 April 57  

Hello Guy:

    How are you?  Fine I hope.  What's new at the office? I guess you must be a little sore at me for not writing to you sooner.  Well, you've got a right to be I guess.
    Well Guy I've come to the conclusion that I'm in a good location for U.F.O.  activity.  Since I've been here there has been no less than three sightings two of which I saw and reported to base operations.  These two sightings I was present at were also viewed by another airman that works with me. 
    We were on our way to midnite chow both times and the hour was 11:30 – 12 PM both times.  They were both the common light type that has been seen so many times by the public.
    We first noticed them thinking that they were a unusually brite pair of stars.  But, while we watched they moved.  At first I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me and I ask my companion if he saw the movement too and gave me an affirmative answer.

    While we watched them they moved in a rather silly erratic flight with no apparent reason in mind.  They maneuvered in a series of short jerks and bursts of speed to the front, rear and up and down while changing color slowly from a brilliant white to a reddish orange.  Their movements were made in jerks of only a few hundred feet at a time while changing altitude from 1,000 to 2000 feet estimated.
    After watching them for several minutes at a distance of about a half a mile away I called Base Operations and reported the objects and their approximate position and altitude. 
    What I learned from the operations officer is that he was going to call our G.C.A. (Ground Control Approach) and see if they were picking up anything on their scopes.  They were and two F-100's were sent up to investigate.  I guess the pilots decided to approach them from a dive because they climbed to about 4,000 ft. and dove on the pair and shortly after the dive started the U.F.O.s  took off in a level flight and when the 100's began to gain speed the UFO's dove straight down within about 200 ft of the ground and continued to climb and dive too quickly for the jets to follow them apparently got bored with the game they seem to play and climbed out of sight in about 10 or 15 seconds.


    Well so much for that.
    The other sighting was two weeks earlier and was made by the men running two of our radar stations.  They told me that they picked up a target coming toward the base from east over the mountains and they noticed the blips were quite far apart they took a speed plot on them and found they were traveling slowly at a mere 1,200 mph haha.
    By the time they got an altitude check determining that the ship was at 7,000 ft the damn thing was almost out of radar range so the radar station called base operations to put a couple of fighters after and found we didn't have any aircraft on the base that would exceed 1000 mph so they just let it go until it faded off their scopes.
    Well, Guy I'm going to chow now and will write to you about the base when there isn't anything more interesting to to write about.
    Bye for now and write soon and let me know if there is anything new going on around Mitchell.

                                                                                        A friend always



A/2 C Allen E Gibbs
HqSec 3153rd Air Base Wing
Box # 55
APO 30, New York, N.Y.

 post marked:   ARMY-AIR FORCE POSTAL SERVICE, APR 6, 1957 30

(Addressed to)

                    A/2 C Guy F DeLanney
                    Hq Sq Section, CONAC
                    Mitchell A.F.B.
                    Hempstead Long Island N.Y.