Form: 97 Research
Dated: 10 Feb 2006
From: Francis Ridge,
Subject: Foreign Technology Division, AFSC Report:
Soviet Effort to Contact Extraterrestrial Life, 3 Feb. 1967
Distribution: CE, SHG, NCP

While doing a routine search for any documents regarding the Edwards Encounter (Oct. 7, 1965), specifically anything on a conference held that evening with hundreds of scientists discussing space travel, using many different key words (which didn't turn up anything) I finally simply tried "1965" so I could see documents and view OCR'd text contents for clues.

This "table of contents" page was found at:
which mentioned "Extraterrestrial Civilizations", a paper from that year, 1965. So I backtracked to the beginning of the report and discovered that it was 71-pages long and had a cover page by the Foreign Technology Division, AFSC (Air Force Systems Command).
The report starts here with the two pages shown in my report below, but begins with the URL below. Follow the arrows and read and/or print a copy at your leisure.

Soviet Effort to Contact Extraterrestrial Life, 3 Feb. 1967

 Page ID (PID)  NARA-PBB86-1178
Collection  National Archives (NARA)
Roll Description  NARA Blue Book Roll 86
Document Code  T1206-86
Pages 1178- 1249

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