A) DECEPCION, 2 JUNE 1965. Sighted over Decepcion Island by the meteorological observer and 4 additional persons of the English Base. They observed it from 15-20 minutes, from 19:45 Mrs., Clear night, starry sky, with 1/8 Strato Cumulus clouds, moon at moon at 4th Qtr. Observation was of a brilliant, fast object, solid, without noise, colors predominantly red and green, at moments yellow, edges like a bright star, moving on a changing course, with accelerations, decelerations, hovering, on an Eastern course, 45 degrees over the horizon.

B) ORCADAS, 3 JUNE, 1965. A UFO was sighted by two members of the company at 17:03 Hrs, for 15 seconds. It had the following characteristics: white luminosity, without glare, of round shape, sharp edges, parabolic trajectory from West to East, altitude over the horizontal 30 degrees to the South, moving at high velocity. Visual contact lost while in motion, due to clouds.

C) DECEPCION, 7 JUNE, 1965. A UFO sighted at 19:50 Hrs. by civilian a meteorological Observer Jorge Stanich. He observed a stationary object for 5 seconds. It was light yellow, brilliant, apparent diameter of central portion 1.5 cms., surrounded by a fuzzy halo, 230 degrees from true North and 25 degrees over the horizon.

D) DECEPCION, 8 JUNE, 1965. At 22:00 hrs, civilian meteorological observer Jorge Stanich observed an object of similar characteristics to the precedingcase for 4 seconds. Apparent diameter 1 cm. in Center, below a dense cloud cover of 300 meters altitude, at 330 degrees from true North, and at 40 degrees over the horizon. This and the previous observation were made from the meteorological site.

E) CHILEAN BASE "AGUIRRE CERDA", 20 JUNE 1965. Cmdr. Jahn Barrera, Lt. Benavidez (Chilean A.F. pilots) weather forecaster Concha and seven other persons, observed the maneuvers at high speed, over the Decepcion area, of a luminous object larger than a star of first magnitude, at 16:20 hrs.

F) CHILEAN BASE "AGUIRRE CERDA" 3 JULY, 1965?. At 19:20 hrs., the meteorological observer of this base and 8 other persons observed, over a 20 minute period, on a clear night, with starry sky and 4th qtr. moon, with 2/8 strato cumulus clouds, an object like a light, motionless, at moments accelerating, solid, white color with edges like a bright star, principal trajectory from East to West, with oscillations, disappearing among clouds at an elevation of 40-50 degrees over the horizon.

G) DECEPCION NAVAL INSTALLATION, 3 JULY, 1965. At 19:42 hrs., the meteorological observer and 16 other persons of this installation, observed with naked eye, binoculars and theodolite over a 1 hour and 2 minute period, on a clear night, 2/8 strato cumulus. 1/8 cirrus clouds, starry sky and 4th qtr, moon, an object, like a light, more brilliant than a first mag. star, stationary at times, with changes in intensity and shine, appearing and disappearing, moving on occasion behind the stratos; and in front of the cirrus clouds, a solid object, noiseless, color at the center red, edges changing from yellow to green, orange, blue, white, similar to a bright star, with and without fuzzy edges, its trajectory changed little, and it's apparent diameter was that of the head of a 1/2 inch nail. IT finally disappeared at high elevation and distance, changing shape from round to lenticular. It was observed in a N.NE. direction, approx. 335 degrees from North and 30 degrees over the horizon, distance estimated at 10-15 kilometers. During this observation photographs were taken.


H) GABLE ISLAND, 7 JULY, 1965. At 08:55 hrs, personnel of the Prefect Camp sighted a UFO, of circular form, apparent diameter 30 cms, color bright silver, at 90 degrees altitude. It remained stationary 2 or 3 minutes, later moving off in a straight line, in an Easterly direction. As it disappeared into strato cumulus clouds, a bright ray was visible, which illuminated the waters of Beagle Canal. These witnesses were not aware of the Antarctic sightings.

I) ESPERANZA INSTALLATION, 8 JULY, 1965. On the 23rd day an object similar to the one sighted at Decepcion, with the same characteristics of size, colors and maneuvers was sighted at this installation.

(Signed) Omar R. Pagani
Cptn. of Frigate
Secretary of the Navy
3rd Fl., Dpt. Elec.
San Martin Street Extension
and Avenue de la Rivera
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

JULY 27, 1965.

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