Anxiety in Antarctic.....

Scientific circles as well as those of the National Defense Ministry have
received with caution and some distrust the information that a strange
celestial body was sighted in Antarctica by personnel of the "Pedro Aguirre
Cerda" Base.

These events have added to the numerous other mysteries which disturb scientists of several nations stationed at the bases of the White Continent.

The I.G.Y, of '57-58 resulted in uncounted revalations in glaciology,
astronomy, meteorology and other sciences, centering around the different
sectors of the 14.5 million square kilometers of earth covered by thick
ice blankets.

Nevertheless, the celestial bodies observed lately have implanted a
question which has gone unanswered.

At the Astronomical Observatory of the Univ. of Chile, at Cerro Colan,
astronomer Don Hugo Moreno recalls that Dr. Menzel, notable Northamerican
specialist in solar physics, has declared that these phenomenon are
explicable by physical actions in the atmosphere.

He nevertheless also indicated that there is no report that an astronomer
has witnessed the passage of these objects.

Sr. Moreno indicated that the USAF maintains a center dedicated to the
study of these celestial bodies, which appear at diverse locations on this

Eighteen days ago, the P.A. Cerda base announced that, at 16:00 hours
on the 18th of June, a celestial body of the intense luminosity of a star
of first magnitude was seen by all the personnel of the base. It appeared
to the East of Decepcion Isle, at 60 degrees elevation, effecting a 180
degree turn to the left to continue in an Easterly direction. The object later turned 90 degrees to the right, to disappear toward the South, The
strange phenomenon was visible for 40 minutes. The meteorological conditions were those of a clear, but dark sky.

The strong prevailing wind prevented the mounting of equipment on tripods to photograph the "star".

"El Mercurio" yesterday interviewed personnel of the P.A. Cerda Base, The wireless conversation across 3500 kilometers was perfect. The Chilean A.F. Commander of the base, Don Mario Jahn Barrera, explained the phenomenon observed by all the members of his command last Saturday in the frozen Continent: "It is adventurous for us to say we all saw a flying saucer, one of those science-fiction things. On the other hand, it was something real, an object which was moving at astonishing velocity, maneuvering, giving off a blue-green light and caused interference in the electromagnetic equipment at an Argentine base which_is directly in front of ours, on a nearby island."

The voice was heard over equipment of the Department of Radio Operations of the Chilean A.F. on the third floor of the Defense Ministry in this city, with only brief periods of interference, caused by the atmospheric phenomena in the South of the area. The direct line was made available through the courtesy of the Chief of Public Relations of the Chilean A.F. Group Commander Don Jose' Berdichewsky, at 16:00 hrs. yesterday.. Radio contact lasted for twenty minutes.

The voice of Commander Jahn continued: "This is the second time, in less than a month we have observed these celestial bodies. The first was the 13th of last June, and then this Saturday at 19:20 hrs. It was during this last case that the entire crew witnessed the object, while they were making daily atmospheric measurements. The object was of red-yellov color, varying to green, yellow and orange. It was at a short distance, at an angle of 45 degrees with respect to us, over the extreme North of the Island, later moving in a zig-zag course. In one of it's maneuvers, it remained stationary in the air. Quickly, with the equipment at hand, theodolites, binoculars, we remained stunned as we observed the celestial body, motionless in that spot in space for about 20 minutes."

Without interrupting his narration, Cmdr. Jahn, with excited, but certain words, announced what he considered the most important aspect of the observation: "Corporal Uladislao Duran Martinez, of the crew, quickly looked for his camera, and tools: more or less ten photographs, which, regarding his experience will be perfect. He not only took the photographs, but took them with a theodolite and binoculars to get a more perfect picture."

"Unfortunately, here at the base we have no laboratory for processing color photographs, so that the Chilean A.F., as well as ourselves will have to wait until next March, when our crew is rotated. Only then may we make a further study of the case."

Asked about the form of the object, he indicated that the sighting was at night, with a clear, but dark, sky, and that the light of the object, already described was the fundamental feature of the sighting.

"Don't Know of Anything Similar"

He was asked for a more personal impression of the phenomenon, to inquire if, in his opinion, this could have been an extraterrestial "flying saucer". He stated: "It is adventurous to give an opinion in that respect, but our observation did not involve a hallucination of a collective psychosis. We are at the base for scientific reasons, and we try to analyze from this point of view, whatever we observe. But, I can say it was not a star, because it had a rapid and continued movement. To me it was a celestial object which I cannot identify. I do not believe it could have possibly been an aircraft constructed on earth. I belong to the Air Force, and my knowledge of man made aircraft does not include anything like this, because of it's shape, velocity and maneuverability in the air. etc."

To corroborate his point of view, that the object was real, he stated that later, while in communication with the English base, he learned that the personnel of that base reported seeing an object the size of a first magnitude star the day before. This communication came at 20:30 hrs.

In another location, the same thing took place with the personnel of the Orcadas, Argentine base, at almost the same time. There, the great certainty that the sighting was of a strange, solid object was supported by certain abnormal interferrences in electromagnetic equipment, from the moment the object appeared.

He later indicated that the members of his crew returned to routine tasks after discussing the matter. "In all, this is the second time we've seen something like this,.....We're getting used to it" the men agreed, in a kidding tone.

From that moment, communication with the antarctic base grew less audible. The voices sounded far away, and we then lost modulation.

Finally. Comandante Berdichewsky saluted the chief of the Pedro Aguirre Cerda Chilean A.F. Base, and sent a few words for the rest of the crew, Lt. H. Benavides Bercerra; Sgts. L. Moza Tobar, A. Vera Pinochet, H. Perez Mendez and J. Silva Diaz; Corporals U. Duran Martinez (Who took the photos), J, Urrea Retamal, R.Astorga Carrano, W. Benavide's Gangas, and J. Alarcon Gomez; and meteorologist Don Angel Concha Caldera.


Translated by NICAP-NYC Subcommittee July 26, 1965

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