Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 16:54:59 +0100 (BST)
From: daniel wilson <>
Subject: Vicinity of Camp Hood, 22 April --6 May 1949
To: Francis Ridge, Coordinator, Nuclear Connection Project <>

This is an amazing document.
Page 5 -- A major conference with many high ranking officials attending, especially H. L Gandy, Lieut. Col, Commanding Officer, Killeen Base.
Page 6.-- "During the day(May 5 conference day), all representatives of Fourth Army expressed great concern about the unknown phenomena as they believed the sightings to be valid."
"a sufficient number of manifestations to cause grave concern." 
"simce the airstrip was on property which had been turned over to the supervision and control of the Eighth Air Force"  Meaning the airstrip at Killeen Base. This would later become Gray AFB.
Page 7.-- "they had sightings made at Fort Worth of high speed aerial objects"
"On 19 May 1949, the plan for the reporting phenomena as drawn up by Fourth Army was furnished this office. Date of this plan is 4 May 1949, and provides for a precise and comprehensive observers network in the Camp Hood area adjacent to Camp Killeen."
Check the document I sent you about ARTILLERY TRAINING FORCE    Dated 4 May 1949
Page 7 -- "agencies were unanimous in agreeing that the new observation system instituted by Fourth Army provided precise results and definitely indicated that the unknown phenomena in the Camp Hood area could not be attributed to natural causes."
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