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NO. M 26 - 49
APRIL 27, 1949

Excerpt pertaining to Chiles-Whitted case:


       Perhaps the fantastic saucer sighting in Technical Intelligence records was the widely-publicised "space ship" which two Eastern Air Lines pilot reported encountering in the skies around Montgomery, Alabama, last July.   Presumably the same object was seen by ground observers at Robbins Air Force Base, Macon, Georgia, about an hour before.  All reports agreed it was going in a southerly direction, trailing vari-colored flames and that it behaved like a normal aircraft insofar as disappearing from the line of sight was concerned. 

       The EAL pilots, Capt. C.S. Chiles and John B. Whitte(d) described the phenomena as a "wingless aircraft," 100 feet long cigar shaped and about twice the diameter of a B-29 with no protruding surfaces." 

       "We saw it at the same time and asked each other,"What in the world is this?" Chiles told investigators. "Whatever it was, it flashed down toward us and veered to the left.  It veered to its left and passed us about 700 feet to our right and above us.  Then, as if the pilot had seen us and wanted to avoid us, it pulled up with a tremendous burst of flame from the rear and zoomed into the clouds, its prop wash or jet wash rocking our DC-3." 

       The flame-shooting mystery craft, as described by the EAL pilots had no fins, but appeared to have a snout similar to a radar pole in front, and gave the impression of a cabin with windows above. 

       Captain Chiles declared the cabin "appeared like a pilot compartment, except brighter.  "He said the illumination inside the body itself approximated the brilliance of a magnesium flare. 

       "We saw no occupants," he told investigators.   "From the side of the craft, came an intense, fairly dark blue glow that ran the entire length of the fuselage...like a blue fluorescent factory light.  The exhaust was a red-orange flame, with a lighter color predominant around the outer edges." 

       The pilots said the flame extended 30 to 50 feet behind the object and became deeper intensity as the craft pulled up into a cloud.  Its speed was said to be about 1/3 faster than common jets. 

       In their investigation of the incident, Project "Saucer" personnel screened 225 civilian and military flight schedules and found that the only other aircraft in the vicinity at the time was an Air Force C-47.  Application of the Prandtl theory of lift to the incident indicated that a fuselage of the dimensions reported by Chiles and Whitted could support a load comparable to the weight of an aircraft of this size at flying speeds in the sub-sonic range. 

        The object is still considered "Unidentified." 

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