Alex A. Boudreaux Statement


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1.     Date            7 January 1948                                                                                     Incident #30b

2.     Time           Between 1915 and 1930 EST           Later 1935 to 1940   

3.     Location                                               Lockbourne AAB, Columbus, Ohio   

4.     Name of observer                                 Mr. Boudreaux 

5.     Occupation of observer                         Tower Operator   

6.     Address of observer                              Lockbourne AAB, Columbus, Ohio

7.     Place of observation                             Tower, Lockbourne AAB, Columbus, Ohio 

8.     Number of objects                                 1   

9.     Distance of object from observer           not stated 

10.   Time in Sight                                        about 15 minutes     

11.   Altitude                                                not stated        

12.   Speed                                                  not stated        

13.   Direction of flight                                 Southwest  

14.   Tactics                                                moving southwest            Bobbed up and down  

15.   Sound                                                  not stated            None

16.   Size                                                     not stated only resembled a star       Enormous 

17.     Color                                                   white to amber as it moved southwest it changed from amber to red 

18.     Shape                                                  glowing object with a cone-shaped streak to the right

19.   Odor detected                                      not stated

20.   Apparent construction                          not stated

21.   Exhaust trails                                       bluish streaks like a jet effect out from the right  

22.   Weather conditions                              sky overcast  

23.   Effect on clouds                                  not stated   

24.   Sketches or photographs                      none     

25.   Manner of disappearance                     went out

26.   Remarks                                 (over) 





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Saw what he thought was a star but then he noticed the sky was overcast so it couldn’t have been a star. It was a glowing object with a cone-shaped streak to the right. It glowed from white to amber. He says he first noticed it over the Lockbourne Power Plant; just southwest of here. The object was moving southwest and it changed from amber to red and then disappeared. Mr. Boudreaux, said the light was what he had been watching about 15 minutes or so and that through the field glasses it appeared to have a bluish streaks like a jet effect out from the right. He stated that it went out while Capt. McGee was in the pattern. During the conversation he said it could be seen again (1935-1940).









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SUBJECT:            Report of Unusual Circumstance.


TO:                  Commanding Officer, 332d Fighter Wing, Lockbourne Army Air Base

Columbus 17, Ohio



            On Wednesday January 7th between 1915 and 1930, there appeared in the sky a bright glowing object which I could not identify. At first I assumed it to be a star but the sky being overcast, I knew definitely that it was not a star nor an aircraft because the only aircraft flying in the local area was landing at the time. It was not a aircraft flare nor a balloon because it appeared to be enormous in size. I then observed it through binoculars. It appeared to be cone-shaped, blunt on top and tapering off toward the bottom. I could not distinguish the attitude in which the object appeared to be. It was going from a bright white to an amber color with a small streak trailing. It was at a distance between 5 and 7 miles from the control tower at an altitude of approximately 2000 to 3000 feet bobbing up and down and moving in a south-southwesterly direction at a speed exceeding 500 miles per hour. Also the wind at the time was blowing from east to west and if it had been a balloon or lighter-than-aircraft it would have drifted in the direction the wind was blowing. There was no sound or unusual noise. Its performance was very unusual and the light emitting from it seemed to fade out at times. Just before it disappeared beyond the horizon the light changed to a sort of red color. The same object was later sighted in the vicinity of Clinton County Air Field by the operators on duty in the control tower.

I have actually engaged in aviation as an Air Traffic Control Tower Operator and a Private Pilot for a period of 5 years and thus for in all my experience, I have never encountered an optical illusion or any physical defect that would disqualify my possessions of such ratings.


Air Traffic Controller



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