Capt. Cary Carter Statement


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                                                                                                315 AF BASE UNIT  (RES TNG)                                            A/hmg



9 January 1948


The undersigned was on duty at Godman Field 7 Jan 48 as Operations Officer.


At approximately 1400 hours and 7 minutes, 7 Jan 48 I received a call from Lt. Orner, AACS Detachment Commander, that the tower had spotted an unidentified object and requested that I take a look. Lt. Orner pointed out the object to the southwest, which was easily discernible with the naked eye. The object appeared round and white (whiter than the clouds that passed in front of it) and could be seen through cirus clouds. After looking through field glasses for approximately 3 or 4 minutes I called Co. Hix’s office, advising that office of the object’s presence. Lt. Col Wood and Capt. Duesler came to the tower immediately. Col. Hix followed them.


 About this time a flight of four P-51 aircraft were noticed approaching from the south. I asked Tec. Sgt. Blackwell, Tower Operator to contact the planes and see if they would take a look at the object for us. The planes were contacted and stated they had sufficient gas to take a look. One of the planes proceeded on to Standiford, the other planes were given a heading of 230°. One of the planes said he spotted the object at 1200 o’clock and was climbing toward it. One of the planes then said, “This is 15,000 ft., let’s level out”. One of the planes, at this point (apparently the plane who saw the object) estimated its speed (the object’s) at 180 M.P.H. A few seconds later he stated the object was going up and forward as fast as he was. He stated that he was going to 20,000 feet, and if no closer was going to abandon the chase. This was the last radio contact I heard. It was impossible to identify which plane was doing the talking in the above report. Later we heard that one plane had landed at Standiford to get fuel and oxygen to resume the search.


The undersigned reported to Flight Service a description, position of the object while the planes searched for it.


/a/Cary W. Carter


Captain, USAF





            JAMES F. DUESLER, JR.

               CAPTAIN, USAF


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1.     Date        7 Jan 48                                                                                                Incident # 33d

2.     Time       After 1407  

3.     Location             Godman Fld   

4.     Name of observer           Capt Cary W. Carter   

5.     Occupation of observer Operations Officer  

6.     Address of observer                   Godman Fld., Ky

7.     Place of observation                   Godman Tower

8.     Number of objects          1  

9.     Distance of object from observer           N/S     

10.   Time in Sight      3 to 4 minutes     

11.   Altitude  Very high                             

12.   Speed     Approx 360 MPH – f/Flight Leader’s reports        

13.   Direction of flight                       210° f/Godman Fld  

14.   Tactics    None  

15.   Sound     N/S

16.   Size        Could not be determined

17.   Color      white

18.   Shape     Round – at times cone shaped  

19.   Odor detected     N/S

20.   Apparent construction    N/S


22.   Weather conditions         High scattered - XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  

23.   Effect on clouds Could be seen thru cirrus   

24.   Sketches or photographs None    

25.   Manner of disappearance           N/S

26.   Remarks (over)    


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At approx 1407, 7 Jan 48, Capt. Carter was called by Lt. Orner, AACS Detachment Commander, to come to Tower to witness an unidentified aerial object.


Object appeared round and white (whiter than clouds that passed in front of it) and could be seen thru cirus clouds.


After observing it thru field glasses for some 3 – 4 minutes, he called Col Hix’s office. Col Hix, Lt Col Wood & Capt Duesler came to the tower shortly thereafter.


Capt Carter then suggested that a group of P-51 aircraft in the vicinity be contacted to pursue the object. T/Sgt Blackwell, Tower Operator, contacted the flight leader to take a look. Three planes proceeded on a heading of approx 230°. One of the planes (Mantell’s) spotted it at 1200 o’clock position. Another plane relayed “This is 15,000 ft, let’s level out” First speed was relayed by Mantell (180 MPH) Later, “object going up and forward as fast as I am” – or 360 MPH. Mantell then stated he was going to 20,000 ft and if no closer would abandon chase. Last radio contact heard by Capt. Carter.


NOTE:  Apparently, Mantell blacked out at 20,000 ft or proceeded on since the object apparently appeared closer (if such were the case) and then crashed thru lack of oxygen.


            Does not seem to tally with report that the phenomena was “Venus or a comet”



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