Capt. James Duesler Statement


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                                                                                                                                315 AF BASE UNIT  (RES TNG)                                                     A/hmg



9 January 1948


At approx 1420, 7 Jan 48, I accompanied Lt. Col. E. G. Wood to the Godman Field Control Tower to observe “an object hanging high in the sky south of Godman”.


Shortly after reaching the tower, Col Guy F. Hix, the Commanding Officer, was summoned; it was at that time that I first sighted the bright silver object.


Approximately five minutes after Col. Hix came into the tower, a flight of four P-51’s flew over Godman. An officer in the tower requested that the Tower Operator call this flight and ask the Flight Leader to investigate this object if he had sufficient fuel. The Flight Leader (Capt. Thomas F. Mantell) answered that he would, and requested a bearing to this object. At that time one member of the flight informed the leader that it was time for him to land and broke off from the formation. This A/C was heard requesting landing instructions from his home field, Standiford, in Louisville.


In the meantime the remaining three P-51’s were climbing on the course given to them by Godman Tower towards this object that still appeared stationary. The Tower then advised the Flight Leader to correct his course 5 degrees to the left; the Flight Leader acknowledged this correction and also reported his position at 7,500 feet and climbing. Immediately following the Flight Leaders transmission, another member of the flight asked “where in the hell are we going?” In a few minutes the Flight Leader called out an object ”twelve o’clock high”. Asked to describe this object, he said that it was bright and that it was climbing away from him. When asked about its speed, the Flight Leader stated it was going about half his speed, approximately 180 M.P.H.


Those of us in the Tower lost sight of the flight, but could still see this object. Shortly after the last transmission, the Flight Leader said he was at 15,000 ft, and still climbing after “it”, but that he judged its speed to be the same as his. At that time a member of the Flight called to the leader and requested that he “level off”, but we heard no reply from the leader. That was the last message received from any member of the flight by Godman.






/a/James F. Duesler, Jr.


Captain, USAF


                “A CERTIFIED TRUE COPY”


                JAMES F. DUESLER, JR.

               CAPTAIN, USAF


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1.     Date        7 Jan 48                                                                                                Incident # 33c

2.     Time       1420 CST  

3.     Location             Control Tower, Godman Fld   

4.     Name of observer                       Capt J. F. Duesler, Jr.  

5.     Occupation of observer Capt, USAF 

6.     Address of observer                   Godman Fld., Ky

7.     Place of observation                   Godman Field Control Tower

8.     Number of objects          1 at 1420  

9.     Distance of object from observer           N/S     

10.   Time in Sight      from 1420 to 1600 CST – Over an hour and a half     

11.   Altitude  N/S                          

12.   Speed     360 MPH – according to statement of Mantell        

13.   Direction of flight                       Apparently from 234° to 259° South to west  

14.   Tactics    N/S  

15.   Sound     N/S

16.   Size        Believed to be large

17.   Color      Silver - bright

18.   Shape     like tear drop – round; later, object seemed fluid 

19.   Odor detected     N/S

20.   Apparent construction    N/S

21.   Exhaust trails      No tail -

22.   Weather conditions         N/S - scattered but clear 

23.   Effect on clouds N/S  

24.   Sketches or photographs None    

25.   Manner of disappearance           Obscured by clouds

26.   Remarks (over)    



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At approx 1420 7 Jan 48, Duesler accompanied by Lt Col E. G. Wood went to Godman Control Tower to observe an unidentified aerial object. Shortly after their arrival Col Hix, the Commanding Officer was summoned. At about this time Duesler first sighted a bright silver object. Then Col Hix arrived. Shortly thereafter a flight of four P-51’s flew over Godman. Leader was contacted to pursue object. He assented and three P-51’s climbed on the course, the fourth P-51 returning to base. Flight leader called to observe that “object was twelve o’clock high.” Asked to describe it, he stated “it is bright and climbing away from me.” He stated at first that it was going about 180 MPH. Then Control Tower lost sight of the flight but could still see the object. (In connection with this, Lt Col E. Garrison Wood, who witnessed the sighting stated that while it appeared about 1/10 the size of a full moon, if the thing were a great distance away, as compared to the diminishing size of the P-51’s flying toward it, it would seem that it was at least several hundred feet in diameter.) Shortly after NG 861, the flight leader, stated that he was “at 15,000 ft and still climbing” He stated that he judged the speed to be the same as his or approx 360 MPH. One of his planes then asked him to level off but no reply was heard from the flight leader. That was the last message received from any member of the flight.


After dark, another or the same object appeared in approx 234° from Godman at 6° elevation. This body moved to the west (259°) and then down. The shape was fluid but generally round with no tail, the color changing from white, to blue, to red to yellow and had a black spot in the center at all times.


At 1600 CST it was obscured by clouds.


NOTE:                         Later, an astronomer was contacted who attempted to account for this phenomena as either Venus or a comet.


SEE ALSO:      Report of civilians and state police and corroborated version of this incident.





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PFC Stanley Oliver was on duty at the Control Tower at Godman Fld when Col Hix’s office informed the tower that an unidentified object (Supposedly some 250 ft to 300 ft in diameter) was sighted over Mansville, Ky. This was approx at 1330 CST. Xx PFC Oliver saw the object southwest of Godman Fld To him it resembled an ice cream cone topped with red. Could not ascertain if it were moving or not.


RELIABILITY:  Witnesses: Col. Hix, (CO), Capt. Carter, Lt. Orner & M/Sgt Blackwell


NOTE:  The report of alerting the P-51 aircraft contained in PFC Oliver’s statement and the witnesses correlates material in the other reports.




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