Captain Thomas F. Mantell – Statement from reported radio conversations


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1.     Date        7 January 1948                                                                                       Incident #33f

2.     Time        1445   

3.     Location  Godman Field, Ky.    

4.     Name of observer                        Flight Leader NG 869 (Capt. Thomas F. Mantell)           

5.     Occupation of observer     Flight Leader  

6.     Address of observer

7.     Place of observation         Over Godman Field, Ky. 

8.     Number of objects                        1   

9.     Distance of object from observer   Not stated        

10.   Time in Sight        xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Apparently over 1 hour and a half     

11.   Altitude                above xxxx  20,000 ft        

12.   Speed                  Approximately 500 mph        

13.   Direction of flight              approximately 210° from Godman Field  

14.   Tactics                 None  

15.   Sound                  Not stated

16.   Size                     Tremendous

17.     Color                    Metallic 

18.     Shape                   Not stated

19.   Odor detected      Not stated

20.   Apparent construction       Metallic 

21.   Exhaust trails        Not stated  

22.   Weather conditions           Not stated  

23.   Effect on clouds               Not stated   

24.   Sketches or photographs   None      

25.   Manner of disappearance  Not stated


 26.   Remarks: This information taken from a report describing a radio conver­sation between Flt. leader NG869 who investigated the object at the request of Godman Field Tower. The Flt. leader Capt. Thomas F.  Mantell crashed and was killed after his last radio contact with Godman Field at 1515 hrs.



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Info taken from reports of radio conversation between Control at Godman and ng 869 essentially as follows:


Col. Hix’s account.        NG 869: “Object traveling at 180 MPH – half my speed”


Lt. Orner’s account.      NG 869: “high and traveling about ½ my speed at 12 o’clock position”


                                                   Later: “Closing in to take a good look”


                                                   No further word heard by Orner


T/Sgt. Quinton A. Blackwell:      NG 869: At 1445. “Object traveling at 180 MPH

Directly ahead of & above me now and moving at about ½ my speed.”


Later: “I.m trying to close in for a better look”


At 15,000 ft: “Object directly ahead of and above me now and moving about ½ my speed. It appears metallic of tremendous size. I’m trying to close in for better look”


No other word heard by Blackwell from NG 869.


Capt. Cary W. Carter:               NG 869: “Object going up and forward as fast as he was” – approx 360 MPH


                                                “going to 20,000 ft and if no closer will abandon chase”


No further contact heard by Capt. Carter – “apparently last word ever received from NG 869. 



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