Col. Guy F. Hix Statement


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                                                                                                                                315TH AF BASE UNIT  (RES TNG)                                                               A/hmg



9 January 1948


At approximately 1300 hours a call came to this Headquarters from State Police, reporting a flying object near Elizabethtown. Another report came in from Madisonville about ten minutes later. A third call came in from Lexington, Kentucky. (All towns are south of Godman Field).


We alerted the Tower to be on the lookout for flying objects. At 1445 hrs the Tower notified me that an object had been sighted at about 215°. I went to the Tower and observed the object until 1550 hrs., when it disappeared behind the clouds.


The object observed could be plainly seen with the naked eye, and appeared to be about one-quarter the size of a full moon, white in color. Throught eight-power binoculars, the object seemed to have a red border at the bottom, at times, and a red border at the top at times. It remained stationary for 1½ hours.


When I arrived at the Tower, Tech. Sgt. Quinton Blackwell had contacted there P-51 airplanes over the field and suggested that they have a look if they had sufficient fuel. When I arrived they were within sight of the Tower, heading on a course of 215°.


I heard one of the pilots report that he saw the object straight ahead and estimated the speed of 180 M.P.H. The pilot stated that the object was very large and very bright.



/a/ Guy F. Hix


Colonel, USAF






            JAMES F. DUESLER, JR.

               CAPTAIN, USAF



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1.     Date        7 Jan 48                                                                                                Incident # 33e

2.     Time       1445  

3.     Location             Godman Fld, Ky 

4.     Name of observer                       Col Guy G. Hix          

5.     Occupation of observer Commanding Officer, Godman Fld  

6.     Address of observer       Godman Fld., Ky

7.     Place of observation       Control Tower, Godman Fld

8.     Number of objects          1  

9.     Distance of object from observer           N/S     

10.   Time in Sight      5 minutes     

11.   Altitude  25,000 +                              

12.   Speed     180 MPH         

13.   Direction of flight                       215° South to the west  

14.   Tactics    Remained stationary for approx 1-1/2 hours

15.   Sound     None

16.   Size        ¼ size of full moon

17.   Color      white

18.   Shape     Round 

19.   Odor detected     N/S

20.   Apparent construction    N/S

21.   Exhaust trails      Seemed at times to have a red border at the top and at the bottom  

22.   Weather conditions         Clear

23.   Effect on clouds None 

24.   Sketches or photographs None    

25.   Manner of disappearance              Behind a cloud

26.   Remarks (over)    



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At approx 1300 hrs State Police, reported a flying object near Elizabethtown. Ten minutes later sighted near Madisonville. A third call reported it over Lexington. (All south of Godman) Tower then alerted. Tower sighted object at 1445 and notified Col Hix who went immediately to tower where he observed the object thru 8-power binocs. Object also lined up with sighting bar. Three P-51 planes were already pursuing the thing on a course of 215°. (One pilot reported the thing to be traveling at 180 MPH) Col Hix reported the object appeared to the south near the sun. “It was very white and looked like an umbrella,” he stated. “I thought it was a celestial body but I can’t account for the fact it didn’t move.” “I just don’t know what it was.” Appeared about ¼ size of full moon and white in color. Thru binocs it appeared to have a red border at the bottom at times and a red border at the top at times. It remained stationary (seemingly) for 1-1/2 hours.




RELIABILITY:    CO of Godman Fld. Obj chased by National Guard planes and followed from the ground by State Highway patrolman. See corroborating accounts.




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