Madisonville Statement


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1.     Date                7 Jan 48                                                                                   Incident #33g

2.     Time           1310   

3.     Location           Madisonville, Ky.    

4.     Name of observer                      N/S

5.     Occupation of observer               N/S

6.     Address of observer           Madisonville

7.     Place of observation            Madisonville, Ky.  

8.     Number of objects            1  

9.     Distance of object from observer           N/S          

10.   Time in Sight        N/S 

11.   Altitude                       4 miles       

12.   Speed                       10 MPH       

13.   Direction of flight            SW

14.   Tactics              N/S

15.   Sound             N/S

16.   Size            100 ft from top to bottom and 45 ft across

17.     Color      N/S

18.     Shape     cone shape

19.   Odor detected           N/S

20.   Apparent construction           N/S

21.   Exhaust trails       N/S

22.   Weather conditions              N/S

23.   Effect on clouds               N/S

24.   Sketches or photographs           None     

25.   Manner of disappearance                       N/S

26.   Remarks:                        Someone from Madisonville advised Military Police they had observed thru a Finch telescope an object described as cone-shaped.


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NOTE: For some reason this information is the same as from Incident 33f – Mantell  (JW)


Info taken from reports of radio conversation between Control at Godman and ng 869 essentially as follows:


Col. Hix’s account.            NG 869: “Object traveling at 180 MPH – half my speed”


Lt. Orner’s account.            NG 869: “high and traveling about ½ my speed at 12 o’clock position”


                                                   Later: “Closing in to take a good look”


                                                   No further word heard by Orner


T/Sgt. Quinton A. Blackwell:            NG 869: At 1445. “Object traveling at 180 MPH

Directly ahead of & above me now and moving at about ½ my speed.”


Later: “I.m trying to close in for a better look”


At 15,000 ft: “Object directly ahead of and above me now and moving about ½ my speed. It appears metallic of tremendous size. I’m trying to close in for better look”


No other word heard by Blackwell from NG 869.


Capt. Cary W. Carter:              NG 869: “Object going up and forward as fast as he was” – approx 360 MPH


                                                “going to 20,000 ft and if no closer will abandon chase”


No further contact heard by Capt. Carter – “apparently last word ever received from NG 869. 


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