Major Campbell Report


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Report of Foreign Object in Sky

Major Campbell: 332d Fighter Group.


            No information came out of critiques while the Fighter Group was at Godman Field to indicate the appearance of any foreign objects in the sky. Pilots were questioned as to whether they had seen anything unusual while flying in this vicinity, or had contacted anyone at Godman Field, and replied in the negative. Maj. Campbell, personally, has not noticed anything unusual.


Capt. Watson investigated and received the following information:


Mr. Boudreaux, Tower Operator. He says he saw what he thought was a star but then he noticed the sky was overcast so it couldn’t have been a star. It was a glowing object with a cone-shaped streak to the right. It glowed from white to amber. He says he first noticed it over Lockbourne Power Plant; just southwest of here. The object was moving southwest and it changed from amber to red and then disappeared. This happened between 1915 and 1930 EST on 7 January. The only thing he did was to talk to Capt. McGee about it and Mr. Eisele, the DF Operator.


Mr. Eisele, DF Operator. He says he saw it too before he and Mr. Boudreaux got together. Both observed it at the same time but didn’t talk it over until after the thing had appeared and said each was looking at it without knowing it. He saw a strange light that faded out and came back again. This light was west southwest of the field about 15° above the horizon. The light was much brighter than a star and speared to be hanging motionless in the sky. It changed from ruddy red to amber and then to yellow and then back to red. It dipped to the horizon and back again several times. It also made several circles and it appeared to have a streak to the right of it.


Capt. McGee, Assistant Operations Officer: He saw the same thing about 1925 EST. He was flying at the time. He noticed a bright and unusual light southwest of Lockbourne and at first it looked like a spotlight but then noticing it there was no beam from the light at its source. As he turned on final approach to land he noticed that the light disappeared as if it had turned out. After he landed he gave it no further concern until he walked into Operations and the tower operator asked him if he had seen the light. Immediately after this conversation the Tower Operator called him outside the building to look again because the light had re-appeared. The light appeared further west and much lower in the sky. The color had changed from a white color to an orange color. It continued to flicker and move westward and appeared to go out.







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Around 1630 7 January, the P-51s in Kentucky were facing the object, whatever it was supposed to be. About 1635 one of them cracked up and conclusions were drawn by the man in the Lockbourne tower. This P-51 was stationed at Mitchel Field and Flight Service at Patterson Field was giving Flight Service at Middletown a summary of what had taken place during the afternoon. It seems that the conversation picked up again between Patterson Flight Service and Olmstead Flight Service around 1945 and at this time Mr. Eisele and Mr. Boudreaux told Flight Service at Patterson Field what they had seen a few minutes earlier. i.e., around 1915 – 1930, with regard to this light and also at the same time Clinton County broke in on the conversation and told them they had seen the same thing, and by some manner of means Godman Field got in on the conversation and told Flight Service they were observing the same phenomena – this happened at 1945.


The crack-up referred to was just something that was heard about over the inter-phone, but definite information regarding the light was given to Patterson Field Flight Service at 1945, 7 January.






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