PFC Stanley Oliver Statement


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Godman Field, Fort Knox, Ky


9 January 1948



I, Pfc Stanley Oliver, was on duty in the Control Tower at Godman Field on the afternoon of 7 January 1948. When first heard of the object in the sky about 1320 CST, we received a phone call from Colonel Hix’s office that a large object was sighted at Mansville, Kentucky, the supposed object was supposed to be about 250 feet to 300 feet in diameter at 1330 CST or more.


Sgt Blackwell sighted an object to the southwest of Godman Field and he asked me if I saw it. I saw the object but thought I was imagining I saw it and Sgt Blackwell told me to look again. This time I was really sure I saw an object and then we called Lt Orner, who came to the Control Tower and he too saw the object. Lt Orner then called Captain Carter who, after coming to the Control Tower, also saw this object. Captain Carter called Colonel Hix who came to the Control Tower and he too saw the object. We all then attempted to figure out just what it could be and to me it had the resemblance of an ice cream cone topped with red.


At or about 1445 CST we sighted five (5) P-51 aircraft coming on from the southwest and as they came over the Control Tower someone suggested contacting the aircraft. Sgt Blackwell contacted them on "B" channel (VHF) and aircraft acknowledged his call. Someone suggested they try to overtake the object and we requested the planes to try and the flight leader stated he would. The call sign of this ship was NG869. They turned around and stared toward the southwest again. One pilot in the formation told the flight leader that he would like to continue on to Louisville with the flight leader giving his permission to do so. We kept in contact with the flight leader for about twenty-five (25) minutes. The last contact we had with the flight leader was when one of his wingmen called and said "what the hell are we looking for". Flight leader stated had the object in sight and he was going up to see what it was. He said at present he was at 15000 feet and was still climbing. Those were the last words I believe we heard from him. Other pilots in the formation tried to contact him but to no avail.


In about another ten or fifteen minutes another P-51 took off from Standiford Field to look for the object. He gave me a call and asked if we still had the object in sight. H was told that at present the object was behind a cloud formation but he said he would try and locate it and in the meantime he tried contacting his flight leader but was unable to do so. He then reported he was unable to see the object and was coming back in when he came over the Control Tower.


I received a call from Standiford Operations that the plane had crashed and the pilot was killed at Franklin, Kentucky. He then sighted






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the object again and to my belief the object was a great distance from Godman Field and it was so far I couldn't tell if it was moving or not.




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1.     Date        7 Jan 48                                                                                                Incident # 33b

2.     Time       Approx 1320 CST 

3.     Location             Godman Fld., Ft. Knox, Ky. 

4.     Name of observer             PFC Stanley Oliver

5.     Occupation of observer N/S – duty in control tower

6.     Address of observer       Godman Fld., Ft. Knox, Ky.

7.     Place of observation       Control Tower, Godman Fld., Ft. Knox, Ky.

8.     Number of objects          1  

9.     Distance of object from observer           N/S     

10.   Time in Sight      N/S     

11.   Altitude  Over 15,000 ft                     

12.   Speed     N/S        

13.   Direction of flight                       Southwest

14.   Tactics    N/S  

15.   Sound     N/S

16.   Size        N/S

17.   Color      Object appeared like “ice-cream cone topped with red” – apparently white with red above

18.   Shape     cone   

19.   Odor detected     N/S

20.   Apparent construction    N/S

21.   Exhaust trails      N/S  

22.   Weather conditions         Cloud formations

23.   Effect on clouds Went behind clouds 

24.   Sketches or photographs None    

25.   Manner of disappearance           N/S

26.   Remarks (over)    


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PFC Stanley Oliver was on duty at the Control Tower at Godman Fld when Col Hix’s office informed the tower that an unidentified object (supposedly some 250 ft to 300 ft in diameter) was sighted over Mansville, Ky. This was approx 1330 CST. PFC Oliver saw the object southwest of Godman Fld. To him it resembled an ice cream cone topped with red. Could not ascertain if it were moving or not.


RELIABLILITY:  Witnesses: Col. Hix, (CO), Capt. Carter, Lt Orner & M/Sgt Blackwell


NOTE:  The report of alerting the P-51 aircraft contained in PFC Oliver’s statement and the witnesses correlates material contained in the other reports.


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