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                Before me, the undersigned authority for administering oaths of

       this kind, personally appeared one John P. Haag, S/Sgt, AF 17003481

       who, being first duly sworn by me, disposes and says:  The unidentified flying object

       was sighted in a South-West position at Clinton County Army Air Base at a heading

       of approximately 210 degrees on 7 January 1948, first being visible to this person at

       19:35 o'clock when it was pointed out to me.  The weather at the time was clear

       over the base, with a South-West wind which was moderate.  There seemed to be an

       overcast in the South-West which was a layer approximately 1000 feet thick.  The

       height of this overcast was approximately 5000 feet.  The one and only object

       which was seen with the naked eye seemed to be about five miles from the field

       at an estimated altitude of 15,000 to 20,000 feet.  The object seemed to remain

       stationary as first seen, with a light which resembled a complete wing of an

       airplane on fire.  There was no beam of light projected.  Then, for a period of

       five minutes I just took occasional glances at it as I went up the the Control

       Tower and observed the object through field glasses, which I then decided was

       not a comet or falling star, to my knowledge of astronomy.  With the aid of field

       glasses, the object appeared to go from an altitude of 15,000 feet to 10,000 feet

       without any noticed forward or backward motion and then back up to its original

       altitude very rapidly, about three or four times.  It seemed that when the object

       moved, a red light would dominate and change to a green light and then back to

       it's original color.  It then began moving at a heading of 210 degrees and went behind

       the overcast and the light was seen through the overcast.  The object moved very

       fast away; it stopped momentarily for three or four minutes and disappeared

       over the horizon at 15:55.  No sound was heard from this object or no photographs


            Further the deponent sayeth not,
                                                               JOHN P. HAAG
                                                               S/Sgt, AF 17003481

  Sworn to and subscribed before me this   21   day of   January      , 1948

                                                              ROBERT O. PETRANEKS
                                                              Caots in, USAFR


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