this statement. They also believe it significant that the Air Force did not return the negative of this print.

Following is a chronological summary of the reported events which have occurred at Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

June 1947 - Mr. W. R. Pressley photographed a flying object at Oak Ridge, Tenn. The street in the foreground has been identified as Illinois Avenue, Oak Ridge, Tennessee. (Inclosure #8)
20 June 1949 - At 1900 hours Mr. and Mrs E. H. Anderson and Mrs. John A. White sighted three objects at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, similar to SUBJECT. (Inclosure #10)
1,2,3,4,5,6, March 1950 - Mr. Stuart Adcock reported peculiar readings on
his "Ham Radar Scope. These objects reappeared at approximately the same time of day which is similar to SUBJECT. (Refer: Summary of Information, Subject; Unidentified Objects Over Oak Ridge Vicinity, dated 6 March 1950.)
12 October 1950 - 2325 hours - Knoxville Airport Radar Unit indicated a series of unidentified targets over the restricted zone at Oak Ridge. (Incl[...])
12 October 1950 2341 Fighter aircraft was at the position of the radar target
and made three perfect interceptions but could see nothing. (Incl[...]
13 October 1950 - 0000 to 0100 hours. Additional Radar plots as before. (Incl. #1)
13 October 1950 - hours. Major L. E. Ronigger, accompanied by his daughter, heard intermittent noises. (Inclosure #7)
15 October 1950 - 151? hours. Fighter plane made unsuccessful passes at a good radar target four (4) miles from the East Boundary (Kerr Hollow Ga[...] Inclosure #4)
15 October 1950 - 1520 hours. SUBJECT seen at Kerr Hollow gate by Troopers Rymer and Zarzecki, Mr. Hightower, and Mr. Moneymaker. (Inclosures #3,[...]
15 October 1950 - 1520 hours. Radar scopes at McGhee-Tyson Airport indicate unidentified targets. (Inclosure #4)