Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos

Feb. 9, 1958
H. M. Stump Photo
Troy, Michigan  USA                                                          
BB Evaluation: None listed

FOTOCAT is an in-progress project from the Anomaly Foundation, managed by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos, with the purpose to create a catalog of world-wide UFO photo events.

PBB Documents, show an earlier photo listed in May sightings, 1949, by a Herman Quinn Stump, this time Sidney, Ohio. Possible "repeater"?
Richard Hall, The UFO Evidence, NICAP 1964, pg. 87:
40. Troy, Michigan airport. Photograph taken by H.M. Stump using an Argus C-3 camera, from a private plane landing at the airport. Picture shows yellow-white oval with slight trail. Verbal report states object hovered, then sped away to the west.

No photo available.

We (the are developing FOTOCAT, a world-wide catalog of UFO and IFO photographic cases. Managed by Vicente-Juan Ballester Olmos and owned by Fundación Anomalía, a bilingual News report appears in the fotocat link above.