Form: 97 Report
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 06:45:07 -0600
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: Oct. 24, 1973; Fredricktown, Ohio CE-III Case
Investigators: Rebecca MinShall, Joseph A. Stets, Warren B. Nicholson and William E. Jones.
Source: MORA 3/93

Oct. 24, 1973; Fredricktown, Ohio   Case
9:00 p.m.

I found this report in my 1973 file while preparing the 1973 UFO Chronology to be released on April 15, 2007.

This case was Investigated in the summer of 1976 by members of the now defunct Civil Commission on Aerial Phenomena.

Mrs. Evelyn Addlesperger lived in Eredricktown, a small northern Ohio community just off Interstate 71, all of her life. She was well respected by her neighbors and was known to be a very hard worker. She and her husband, who died prior to this sighting, had built their home. When she pulled into her driveway that October 24th night in 1973 she was confronted with something that she was unprepared for.

It wad about 9:00 p.m.. It was fall, and the night was cool. She came up the street from the east and turned left into her driveway. As she turned, the headlights of her car passed across her house, an open area at the rear of the house, and then onto her garage at the end of the driveway. As the headlights passed across the open area, which allows for a partial view of a deep backyard, something lit up this backyard area. The area, usually quite dark at night, was now brightly lit. The color appeared to be the same as the lights of her car. The apparent source of the light was a large object hovering above the ground. It seemed as if her headlights had caused this object to light up, but there was too much light for it to have been merely reflected light from a smooth metallic surface. Also, between her and the object were two large pine trees and a deciduous tree with a few leaves still on it.

She reacted by saying, 'Oh, my gosh," out loud to her self. The object was visible for only a few moments moments. She didn't see it move, but sensed that it came in from the east, down into her yard, and then back out to the west. It reminded her of an "open cockpit" airplane, but she could see no wings, nor vertical or horizontal stabilizers. Based on her observations and the distance between the trees, the object was approximately thirty feet long. The front of the object, which was pointed west - to her right -seemed "square" and it tapered to the rear. It's front, which appeared to be like an "open cockpit", was "covered" and had "wires funning all over the object." Later attempts to describe what was meant by these "wires" and the "cover" were vague. Mrs. Addlesperger attributed this to the three years that had elapsed since her sighting.

In the "open cockpit" area were three hooded figures "like the Ku Klux Klan." The figure on the right was "taller than the one to the left or the one to the rear." The figures appeared to be seated because she could see them only from what appeared to be the waist up. No facial figures were noted, just the hoods. The figures appeared to glow with the same white/yellow color as the object itself.

She sat there for a few moments. Exactly how long, she can't say. She turned off the engine of her car but left the headlights on. By this time the backyard was dark again. Determined to find out what was going on, she got out of her car and started toward the area where the object had been seen. When she reached the rear of her garage, about thirty five feet from her car, she stopped. It was as if something told her not to go back there. She felt fear. She returned to her car, started it up, and drove into the garage. Then she went into her house and looked out the rear window into the dark back yard. Nothing! She went into her living room and sat down. She said that she was "stunned" by what had occurred.

The next day the area was checked by some of her friends for physical traces, but none were found.

Questioning revealed that her car radio was not on and her car operated normally. She heard no sound from the object. There were no animals in the area, as far as she knew, that reacted to the object. A later check of the neighborhood turned up no one who had seen anything strange that night.

Mrs. Addlesperger, at times, seemed reluctant to talk about her experience. At one point she said, "I would give anything to see that thing back there." Later, she seemed afraid that it would happen to her again if she talked about it. When asked about this apparent inconsistency, she said she would like to see the object if "they" would stay out there and not come into her home.

This experience left a very real impression on her. "It sure lit up back there," she said. "I think about it everytime I drive in the driveway."

This was not the only UFO seen in the Fredricktown area that fall. The night before Mrs. Addlesperger had her experience, a woman two blocks away to the northwest saw an object in the southwestern sky. At 10:30 .m. that night Mrs. Thomas Purdy drove into the driveway on the west side of her home at 149 Salem Avenue. The car was facing south. As she got out of her car she heard a few "beeps" from up in the sky. She looked up above some trees to the southwest and saw a yellow orange object. The object was banana or cigar shaped and "pointed at both ends." A quarter held at arms length would probably have covered the object, she said. She felt scared and ran into the house to get her husband. They both looked outside in time to see the object leave by rising quickly upward and to the east.

A hundred yards or so west of Mrs. Addlesperger's home on the other side of a small factory lives Mrs. Lela Hoeflich. Like Mrs. Addlesperger, Mrs. Hoeflich is in her seventies. At around 5:00 a.m. on a night in October or November of 1973, she got up to get a drink of water and happened to look out of her kitchen window. This window faces east in the direction of the factory and the Addlesperger house. The Addleiperger house is on the other side of the factory and cannot be seen from the Hoeflich house. There, in the sky above the factory and the trees to the east, was a gold object "like a large wash tub." It was flat on the bottom and open on the top. Sitting inside was a "man." Because of the distance, she could see no features on his face. While the object seemed to glow, the man did not.

She saw the object for only a brief period of time as it glided noiselessly from north to south and disappeared from view behind some trees or the factory building. She estimated that the object was further east than the Addlesperger house. While she has since heard of the Addlesperger experience, she claims she didn't know of it at the time of her sighting.

That same fall, according to Beth Ann Jones, a number of Fredricktown high school students had experiences with strange aerial objects. One group was followed by a yellow object that was 'like the moon", but twice as big, while they were driving a pick up truck over roads northeast of Fredricktown. She was with that group. Another group had a similar experience during that same period. One member from each group was located and interviewed, but due to the three year lapse of time, they remembered few details. However, each seemed sure they hadn't mistaken the moon for a UFO.