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Updated: 21 April 2023
NICAP Sighting Information DataBase Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns - Sparks - CUFOS (pdf)
NUFORC Online DBase - Davenport Bluelist (Original) Unknowns (585 of 701)
MUFON site
Blue Book Unknowns - Berliner
CUFOs site List of Good Cases with links - Ridge
Sighting Categories (1-11) Official Comments on UFO
The UFO Chronology Official Documents on UFOs
Sighting Waves - Ridge Potentential Nuclear Connection Cases - Hatch
Aviation Reports - NARCAP Nuclear Connection Project site - Ridge
Underwater UFOs - Feindt
Blue Book UFO Reports at Sea by Ships, A.F. Rullan
The Lunascan Project - Ridge
Anomalies on Paracelsus C - Ridge
Chop Clearance List (with links) Department of Defense
Top secret Estimate of the Situation (with links) Federal Bureau of Investigation
Autographed copies of Ridge books - Ridge CIA "reading room" site
Century of UFO landings (Magonia Db) - Jacques Vallee Defense and Intelligence Abbreviations and Acronyms (253 pages, 1997)
MADAR Site "CAP POINT" - Amazon
Project-MATCH_Reports/ Free Online Books