A letter from Dr. James McDonald's files:

August 4, 1970
Mr. Frederick L. Thomas
3634 Cosden Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee, 38111

Dear Mr. Thomas:

During the past few years, I have been examining a number of
facets of the still unsettled problem of the Unidentified Flying
Objects.  During a recent visit to Washington, I was discussing
a number of aspects of the problem with Arthur C. Lundahl, who
was affiliated with the Navy Photographic Interpretation Center
 in the early 1950s and has followed the UFO problem with some
interest ever since.  When I mentioned to him that I was most
interested in trying to run down some more facts concerning a
sighting that I had heard of from Adm. Delmer C. Fahrney,
which involved Secretary of the Navy Kimball and Admiral Radford,
Art remembered the sighting and told me that, as a consequence of
Secretary Kimball's concern, something of a special study was
undertaken within the Office of Naval Research, under your
direction.  He recalled sitting on the summary symposium at the end
of the ONR investigations, but his recollection of the date seems just
a bit hazy.  Lundahl kindly located your current Memphis address,
and that is how I happen to be writing to you here.

I wonder if I might telephone you about a week from now, when
I shall be down in Alabama doing some research on the archived
Project Bluebook files, now held at Maxwell AFB.  I shall be there
from August 10th to 14th, and will try to give you a ring some

I brought up this particular matter today, when I happened to be
talking about some of the early period of the Air Force UFO
investigation with Gen. William M. Garland, Chief of Air Technical
Intelligence in the 1952-53 period, when the UFO investigations
were being carried out on a much more thorough basis than has ever
been the case  in ensuing years. General Garland who is now retired
and works for North American in the Los Angeles area, dimly recalled
the Kimball-Radford sighting and remembered being briefed on the
ORN studies by Captain Ruppelt, then Project Bluebook chief.
However, he was unable to recollect any details.

I am getting in touch with a lot of Navy personnel, many of them
retired, many who were on active duty during the period of Korean
hostilities and whose UFO sightings from that period are of unusual
interest.  The Maxwell AFB archives include original intelligence
reports  (now declassified, of course) on many of those sightings,
and the scientific significance of many of them appears to be
substantial.  It would seem to me that a matter of no little scientific
significance is involved here and has never received adequate
investigation, particularly in the post -1953 years at Project Bluebook.

This letter, then, may serve to introduce me and give you a little
background in the nature of my interest in the UFO problem and in
your participation in that ONR study some years back.  I'll call you
from Montgomery, and hope that you may have a few minutes to talk
with me at that time.

                         Sincerely yours,

                          James E. McDonald

cc:  Arthur C. Lundahl

               P.S.  I had written directly to former Secretary Kimball
                    at his Washington address, about two months back.
                    However, as Gen Garland told me last week, Mr.
                    Kimball died in mid-July after an extended illness,
                    so lack of any rely on this matter is now

[In hand writing]PPS Enclosed KAAS, RESA, M......... [not legible]