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Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 08:21:49 -0500
From: Bruno Molon

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Perhaps it would be refreshing if serious ufologists would simply step back and assess what we really know about the subject. Nearly fifty years of civilian research has given us lots of information about what a UFO is and isn't.
We can safely assume that we are dealing with a physical phenomena   that possesses some quasi-physical properties. The ET hypothesis best explains the facts in a sober, scientific manner. The tremendous contribution to the field by Marjorie Fish in interpreting the (Betty and Barney) Hill star map in the late 1960's and early 1970's gave us new insights into our galactic relationship, whether one believes in the validity of the map or not. Prior to this time, astronomers did not consider the perspective of the universe from some alien point of view; star maps were all based upon the perspective from earth. We now know that our sun exists on the edge of a semi-circular cluster of yellow dwarf stars 55 light years across. These 16 or so yellow dwarf stars (of which the sun belongs) is embedded in a group of 260 or so other stars of all types, but these are useless to our discussion. If the UFOs ultimately originate from within the cluster, the relatively-short distances would simplify getting from there to here. One can appreciate the compactness of the cluster by realizing that the galaxy in which we find ourselves is about 40,000 light years in radius; our sun being 30-32,000 light years out from the galactic center near the galactic edge.

Postulating the existence of industro-technical intelligence so nearby raises the next area of speculation. Physiological data about the aliens that has found its way into research      through leaks concerning crash/retrievals (and deemed reliable) indicates a symbiosis and kinship (physiologically speaking) between aliens and humanity. The implications of this are startling, but undeniable. From this, one may conclude that various lifeforms inhabiting planets around these cluster stars are all inter-related. It is conceivable that the original lifeforms arising within this cluster through natural means and indigenous to the cluster may have terraformed other worlds and seeded these with custom-tailored, genetically engineered life - possibly humanity included. If so, the Gray aliens may be the bumble-bees of the cluster. Of course, if UFO intelligences come from farther away in space, then this hypothesis must be revised.

If there were no obviously manufactured physical craft arriving here, merely apparition-like beings doing incomprehensible things without the craft, then it would be tempting to imagine visitation from some spirit realm, but this is obviously not what we are dealing with. Physical craft (machines) are the product of industro-technical civilizations.

We are confronted by an alien materials technology very different in concept from our own; obviously the product of a much broader and more comprehensive understanding of the ultimate nature of substances - indeed, the very nature of existence itself. A few examples follow:

1.  Structural materials with highly variable properties: matrix materials embedded with microscopic and sub-microscopic engineering structures down to the crystalline, and even molecular, level. These embedded structures can be "excited" or "activated" by deliberate changes in the surrounding environment and radically alter the properties of the materials in question. An example of this can be found in the alien approach to the engineering problem of putting windows in their craft. Entire sections of the hull or skin (such as topside domes) can be rendered transparent or translucent by such means.

2. A propulsion system configuration consisting of a cylindrical "black box" located in the bottom center of the disc with three spherical objects located below this. The spheres are sometimes visible from the outside bottom of the craft, but sometimes are not visible behind a circular cover plate. Complimenting this central apparatus is a torroidal ring around the inside circumferential edge of the disc. This is made of striations and filaments of a fibrous metallic material. It is the excitation of this torroidal ring that provides the "field" necessary to power the craft - so I am told.

3.  Integrated flight control systems consisting of both surprisingly simple manual controls and telekinetic means of control; sort of a "fly-by-mind" system in which the alien pilot(s) literally think the craft through its maneuvers.

The data indicates a structure and purpose to the many UFO sizes and types reported over many years. Disc-shaped craft either oval or circular account for the vast majority sighted. These fall into specific size categories:

1. A 12-18 ft. disc or egg, usually with a two "man" crew. This vehicle is used for recon and brief landings for sample gathering purposes. It is not used for abductions.

2. A disc roughly 25-35 ft. in diameter, usually with a dome. This is used as an all-purpose lander. Sometimes it is used in abductions, but apparently due to lack of space and facilities, these abductions are usually abbreviated. The cabin is usually open, but in the case of abductions, a walled-off room that opens to the outside of the craft is used. In such cases the abductee usually stays in the small examining room and is not taken to other parts of the craft.

3. The ubiquitous 70 foot disc. This model resembles the smaller one above, but comes in a couple of different floor plans for different purposes. Observation craft of this size may or may not have an open cabin. This type is the one most commonly used in abductions. In this case the interior is sectioned off into rooms, usually in a ring pattern with a circular hallway running around the inside circumference. Rooms open into a central control area. The craft is usually accessed from the outside through a hatch which opens into an airlock, then into the hallway or one of the rooms.

4. A 100 ft. or larger craft which rarely lands. This is also used for
abductions, including mass abduction, as the large size affords the room and facilities for an assembly line-style mass abduction.

Notice the logic and purpose present in the various sizes and types presented in this dissertation on UFO morphology. Curiously, several different races may be observed operating the various craft. It is as if they all use the same motor pool.

I have studied hundreds of CEIII and CEIV reports, some dating back to the nineteenth century, to try to determine patterns of alien activity indicative of an alien command structure - or something analogous to command structure. My research here indicates a complex set of circumstances which make it very difficult to spin reliable hypotheses that have a reasonable chance of resembling actual fact. There appear to be several separate agencies responsible for perpetrating the UFO phenomena upon us. These could be in some sort of liaison or cooperation with one another to an unknown degree. They seem to use the same, or similar, spacecraft. I am intrigued by the possibility of some of the species of "Gray" aliens being an artificially contrived species. If so, by what other race of alien? From these hundreds of reports I cannot determine with certainty who is in charge of whom. Could the Nordic aliens be the masters of an artificially contrived species of Grays, or the other way around? No word yet. One thing I am now certain of, at least one species of alien is biologically related to humans, or vice-versa. Which is the case, I do not know. It may not matter; the implications are the same.

By studying all these case reports, integrating these with crash/retrieval data, and adding other information, I am able to draw some conclusions. Unfortunately, this is still not enough information from which to extrapolate a scenario of alien activity with reasonable certainty. This apparently massive project, directed at us, our planet, or both, must be supported by a truly colossal industrial base. It is interesting to simply speculate on the nature and character of this hypothetical alien military/industrial complex. Unfortunately, not enough information.

<>In light of these difficulties, let us exercise the freedom and luxury to engage in some purely speculative ufology (not enough ufologists today are willing to do this, each one taken up with his or her narrow field of specialization. The danger, of course, is that one can get carried away into forgetting that these speculations are only speculations, and may not even resemble actual fact).

The first speculation I want to bring up is an alien command structure resembling that of an Air Force fighter squadron. Basically, I envision alien squad rooms in space somewhere where operations are coordinated, crews briefed and debriefed, craft assigned, etc. The observed scenarios of alien activity such as sample gathering, abduction contact, and surveillance indicate rigid operating procedures for each circumstance. There just isn't that much variation in alien procedure from case to case over time and geography. It is as if one person, or committee, set up standard procedures for each activity and alien saucer crews follow these to the letter. What can we reasonably conclude about alien command structure from this?

Alien clothing in most cases (there are oddball cases, though) generally is the same (a close-fitting, one-piece seamless coverall), although color will vary. I examined reports to see if I could discern any patterns to this in which the suit color might be analogous to some sort of uniform. That is, different colors for different activities or roles. Verdict: no pattern.

One essential tidbit of knowledge I need to spin hypotheses reliably is the mode of communication and time interval involved in contact with the home planet. If it is electromagnetic communication of the sort we are familiar with, then there is considerable lead time before a message from the home planet is received, and an equally long time before the message is returned - 37 years one way in the case of Zeta Reticuli. If this is indeed the case, then operatives in this solar system must, by necessity, possess a great deal of autonomy.

If this is the case there must be some agent or authority figure here in this solar system directing the alien activity from some base either on earth or some other position in space: Mars, the moon, or a mothership.

What if aliens were in contact with their home planet by some means that transcends what we know about the physical universe? I am talking about the remote possibility that some sort of metaphysical means could be employed here which would be essentially instantaneous. While the possibility of such a thing may be remote, I am reluctant to rule it out at this point. Various evidence for the reality of some metaphysical phenomena has come to me from time to time which is compelling. Among this is the fact that the governments of the United States, Soviet Union and Britain have spent large amounts of money and manpower over the last forty years to investigate various mental phenomena to determine their nature and operating parameters with military applications of these phenomena in mind. It is also a fact that police departments all over the United States routinely employ sensitives, or persons claiming psychic abilities, to solve crime problems.

<>Contemporary Western science finds these matters contemptible because of its embrace of the ideology of Dialectic Materialism in which only the physical aspects of the universe have any basis of fact. The spiritual and sub-physical (meta-physical, quasi-physical) having no basis of fact or reality under this ideology. Also, these phenomena are of a fleeting or transitory nature and do not lend themselves readily to being dragged into the laboratory to be measured and classified - the two things Western science seems to do best.