Case Directory - Category: 02; Close Encounters
Subject:   Crimson-red light in field
Date:       July 16, 1968
Location: Indianapolis, IN

Source: MUFON MUJ, page 13, issue not noted.

Peter McNeall
My friend's name was Danny Bently. He was also English, and was a philosophy student on vacation. I first came to the USA in 1965, and have a B.S. degree in physics. We were driving initially  from  Boston to Dallas in a Chevrolet Impala which we were delivering for a drive-away company. We left Boston on Monday, and spent the first night beyond Buffalo, NY. We were sleeping in the car to save money. On the second night we reached the western outskirts of the City of Indianapolis (just beyond a bus depot).    We were on the route west towards St. Louis. On the right hand side I saw a large empty field. It seemed a good place to stop for the night.

I drove into the field through an open gate, and proceeded to the center of the field—about 150 yards from the highway. I did not want any police cars to see us drive into the field, so I switched-off the lights. However, as I drove across the field I flashed them for a mere instant every 15 yards or so, just to make sure we were not about to drive into any obstructions. When we reached the center of the field I turned the car round to face the highway. We proceeded to get ready to go to sleep.

However we noticed a light in the field. At first we thought it was somebody walking towards us holding a flashlight, but the light (which was white), moved rather irregularly, went off at times, and then re-appeared elsewhere—perhaps 15 yards away. It wandered around and then disappered again, and so on. This type of behavior continued for about 5 minutes. At nearest approach it was only about 20 yards away. At farthest approach it was towards the edge of the field—perhaps 100 yards away. We were completely baffled by it, but we decided no-one else was in the field, and we were prepared to go to sleep when my friend suddenly pointed to the sky and exclaimed "look!"

We both saw a brilliant crimson red light which appeared to be above and slightly beyond the trees on the eastern edge of the field. It was probably at a distance of between 300 and 800 yards, and at a height of between 100 and 300 yards. The light was so brilliant, weird, and penetrating, that I knew right away that I had never seen anything like it before.

I tried to see something metallic "behind" the light, but all I could see was the light. I tried to work out if it could have been a freak reflection or optical phenomenon connected with the traffic on the highway. This was surprisingly heavy at the time, with many trucks hurtling along. However I could not see how this could be so.

The light hovered in a very unstable manner. It seemed almost to be shooting out in all directions and then reforming itself the entire time. We watched it for about 15 minutes while it wandered above the trees, and eventually disappeared.

I presume that my flashing of the car headlights in a rather unusual manner may have attracted the UFO initially. I assume that the light in the field was in some way projected from the UFO.

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