Letter from witness, Mr. R. A. Wade, Penrith, Cumbria, Scotland, dated Feb. 26th, 1978, and attached NUFON sighting form:

August 1955

     While combining in a field outside Jedburgh in Roxburghshire where I lived at the time.  I stopped for lunch.  It was a sunny day and very warm.  I sat with my back to an old dyke (wall), our dog with me, sitting at my feet eating a sandwich.  Suddenly the dog started shaking, got up and ran with its tail between its legs.  I stood up and turned around, at the top of the rise was a large white cloud and coming out of the cloud was a huge cigar shaped object, silver body, a dark blue window in the nose, porthole type windows underneath.  There was no noise whatever and it was moving very slow.  I watched it for a good 15 minutes then it went into another cloud and disappeared.  When I arrived home later, the dog was sitting at the front door still shaking.

Taken from NUFON sighting form attached to the letter:
Age of witness:  39
Date:  August 1955
Time:  Mid-Day
Location:  Jedburgh. Roxburghshire Scotland
Weather:  Bright and sunny
Number of objects:  one
Duration of sighting:  5-10 minutes
Shape of object:  cigar
Color of object:  silver
General description of the object:  silver cigar shaped with porthole type windows
     Length approx. 40 to 50 ft.
Diameter of the object:  25-30 feet
Height of the object:  2000 feet approx.
Width of the object:  25 feet
Speed of the object:  10 mph
Was the outline of the object clear or fuzzy?  very clear
What was your position when you first observed the object?  Standing up, facing the
How did you first see this object?  on turning around.
How did the object go from sight?  into a cloud.
In what direction was the object traveling?  southwest by south.
Was there any sound from the object?  No
How did the object maneuver?  Kept a straight line above horizon.
Where about in the sky was the object when you first observed it?  Just above the crest
      of a hill to my left.
Where about in the sky was the object when you last observed it?  Just above the crest of 
     a hill to my right.
How did you know the exact time?  Id just stopped for lunch and I had my watch with 
Have you ever seen a UFO before?  No.
Did you have any interest in UFOs before your sighting?  No.
Have you read anything about UFOs in the Newspapers, Books, etc?  No.
What in your own opinion could the object have been?  At the time of the sighting I was
      an NCO in the Local Air Training Cadets and had a pass in aircraft sightings
       therefore it was nothing I had ever seen before.
Did the object have any other features that you can think of?  A porthole type window in
       the nose or leading-edge plus a row of windows of various colors along the bottom.
Any other witnesses?  None.
Now in your very own words can you please describe your sighting:  I had stopped
        combining for lunch and was sitting down with my back to a dyke, (wall), our dog
        was at my feet eating a sandwich I had given her.  Suddenly she started to shiver and
        shake then she took off, with her tail between her legs.  I stood up shouting to her to
        come back but she paid no heed and kept on going; wondering what had frightened
        her I turned round, looking for something.  Then I saw coming out of a cloud the
        nose of a craft, gradually more and more just seemed to slip out of this big fluffy
        cloud.  I noticed (having been able to identify aircraft, and blimps, and weather
        balloons of the time) a large porthole like window in the leading edge of this craft,
        with a row of smaller type windows along the bottom edge of the craft.  The craft
        was silver in color and the large window was dark blue.  The smaller windows
        were blue, orange/red, blue, orange/red.  No sound came from the craft.  I just stood
        there observing all the detail I could.  I did not panic or even feel afraid.  Even now I
        can close my eyes and I get a perfect picture of the object.
Can you please make a drawing?  (Two drawings, one on NUFON form and one
        with the letter, were presented.  Both are scanned injw)
Were there any physical/emotional effects on you at the time of the sightings?  None.
Was there any effects of any sort on any other form of life near you when the object was present?  Yes, our dog took off with her tail between her legs, seconds before I sighted
         the craft.  From that day to the day she died, which was only a couple of months
         afterwards, she was never the same.  She started taking fits.
Was there any effects of any sort on anything at all during the sightings?  No, as I was in
          a quiet field well above the town and away from the road.  There was nothing or no
          one else around.
Has there been any personal-reactions (health-wise) since the sighting?  No.

/s/ R. A. Wade

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