R. A. Wade sighting
August 1955
Jedburg, Scotland

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Randles, Jenny, 1983, UFO Reality. A critical look at the physical evidence, Great Britain, Robert Hale Limited, p. 119.

     Fifteen years earlier, in August 1955, Richard Wade, a gardner with qualifications in aircraft recognition, sat on a wall near Jedburgh, Scotland, enjoying a lunchtime sandwich with his dog in an open country landscape.  Suddenly the dog began to shake and whimper and took off, tail between its legs, heading for home.  Richard decided it would make it back all right and started up a rise to see if he could find what had upset it.  There, emerging from a fluffy cloud, he saw a large silvery cigar with portholes, literally floating into view.  Quite unable to appreciate what it was, and hearing no sound, he watched it drift into another cloud and disappear.  Hurrying home, he found his dog still shaking, and the poor animal never recovered.  It degenerated into uncontrolled fits and within a couple of weeks was dead.  But what killed it?  An unknown radiation? Sound beyond the human threshold? Or simply fear?  And once again we see a connection between close encounters and curious clouds—what does it all mean?

Reference:  Cresswell, I., 1979, UFO frightens a dog, Flying Saucer Review, vol. 24, no. 5.


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