Case Directory - Category: 01; Distant Encounters
Subject:    Array Comprised of Six "Windowlike" Rectangles of Light
Date:        August 20, 1949
Location:  Las Cruces, NM

Francis Ridge:
This incident is not among the original BB Unknowns, but IS listed in the new Comprehensive Catalog of Project Blue Book Unknowns by Brad Sparks:
At about 10:00 p.m. on 8/20/49, The noted astronomer Dr. Clyde Tombaugh (Discoverer of Pluto), his wife, and his mother-in-law were in the yard of his Las Cruces home, admiring what Tombaugh described as a sky of rare transparency, when Tombaugh, looking almost directly towards zenith, spotted an array of pale yellow lights moving rapidly across the sky towards the southeast. He called them to the attention of the two others, who saw them just before they disappeared halfway to the horizon. The entire array subtended an angle which Tombaugh put at about one degree, and it took only a few seconds to cross 50 or 60 degrees of sky. The array comprised six "windowlike" rectangles of light, formed into a symmetric pattern; they moved too fast for aircraft, too slowly for a meteor, and made no sound. Tombaugh was quited as saying, "I have never seen anything like it before or since, and I have spent a lot of time where the night sky could be seen well."

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