Date:         Mon, 2 Apr 2001 23:28:11 -0400 
From:        Jan Aldrich <jan@CYBERZONE.NET> 
Subject:     Re: Battle of Los Angeles 


      This sighting is much more complicated than Rense's site let's on. 
Ray Angier of NICAP was an air raid warden during the LA raid and the Blums 
(not to be confused with the OUT THERE Blum) were also present during the 

      It seems to me that the components of the incident were: 

   1)  Navy gave the initial warning and an Army guard, who wrote Ruppelt 
years later, saw green flare like object prior to the main event. 

   2)  The Anti Aircraft Artillery Regiment put up a weather balloon which 
was the target of much of the AAA firing. 

   3)  A large dirigible like object was seen moving up and down the coast. 

   4)  Up to seven objects were seen darting back and forth by witnesses 
including Angier, the Blums and many others. 

In the after action report, the Army admitted that much of their ammo was 
expended against their own balloon.  The Navy claimed that nothing happened 
at all, and the Army claimed there were several unidentified aircraft in the 
area.  This incident is like peeling an onion, there are more layers beneath 
the last one.  One researcher turned over his stuff to me after working on 
it for several months, saying that this incident was too complicated for him 
to investigate. 

It is interesting that the official accounts say that the Navy gave the 
alarm, but how or why did they give the alarm....who in the Navy gave the 
alarm?  There is nothing on this, just this little statement hanging by 

The "photo analysis" was unimpressive.  Is he using the image from Life 
magazine or an actual photograph or the actual negative?   This is a real 
problem with that website, incomplete information. 


Jan Aldrich

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