Multiple Anomaly Detection  &  Automated Recording
Address:      MADAR,  618 Davis Drive,  Mt. Vernon, Indiana  47620
Telephone:  (812) 838-3120                      Email:
Director:     Francis L. Ridge


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LIVE SCREENS Data Archive The MADAR Team

Fran Ridge
The Project Director & Innovator since 1960.  As a NICAP Subcommittee Chairman and field investigator, Ridge designed a UFO detection device inspired by one of his technical advisers who had worked on Project "Saucer" for the Air Force.  The device went from a mere detector to a detection system in 1973 when it became known as MADAR.  After 20 years of successful operation and sightings waning, the project was terminated in 1992. In 2014, using the newest computer technology Ridge designed and built the MADAR-II system which was in operation until February of 2017.  But a year earlier, in the spring of 2016, Ridge discovered a way of creating an elaborate detection system that could be used world-wide, and by September he and a colleague went to work on it.  After some set-backs the following February, the project was back ontrack and MADAR-III was in full development stage.  In less than six months everything was working as planned.

Rich Vitello
The Project Communications and Alert Officer.  Richard Vitello has been a vital part of NICAP's research division, a member of NICAP's A-Team, and a close friend of Fran Ridge for many years.  He has been heavily involved in serious work in the UFO field at least 35 years, and in historical research and document transcriptions for the last 8-10.   In late December of 2016, Vitello was brought into the MADAR Project to monitor an ominous situation. Within two months it was found that the colleague who had been working on the new MADAR-III device was not going to follow the guidelines of the Director and then went rogue with his own project and his work had to be terminated.  Vitello then brought in his expert software and hardware team to rescue the project, which is now on-time and about to be launched. He had also created, organized and executed the Net Control Station for the Amateur Radio UFO Net ( for over 35 years, call sign: W1RV.  Rich will also be in the MADAR-III Promotions Department.