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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 15:35:42 -0600, updated 12 April  2017
From: francis ridge <skyking42@gmx.com>
ubject: MADAR 7
istribution: MADAR, CE, A-Team
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Form 146M printout for MADAR 7

Sept. 3, 1974; MADAR Event # 7
9:35 p.m. Although the time of the event was recorded, the mode level which allowed data from the sensor to be recorded was out of service. Therefore the magnitude and duration of the disturbance was not able to be determined. By this time the radar at Dress-Regional Airport was NIS (not in service). There were no local UFO sightings reported. One of the event recorders showed that background radiation levels were 86% higher than normal.

August 20, 1970; Climax Springs, Missouri
12:00 a.m.  Relaxing late on patio behind house, facing East. Saw erratic path of UFO at high speed for about 30 sec. then it was gone.  57886

Aug. 21, 1974; Sparta, Illinois
Time not given, or other details. CE-1, multiple witnesses. (CUFOS)

Sept. 3, 1974; MADAR Event # 7 (See above)
9:35 p.m.  One of the event recorders showed that background radiation levels were 86% higher than normal.

200 miles SE of our MADAR site is Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

September 3, 1974; Murfreesboro, Tennessee
10:00 PM. A dish shaped object with 3 portholes visible followed witnesses for approximately 5 miles and then vanished. They were driving S on a  local Hwy.  When witness looked to his east he saw a saucer-shaped UFO flying alongside his car headed south. "It was in a green cloud and pulsated like a heart beat. My passenger and I both saw it. There were 3 portholes in the upper portion of the craft. It traveled along the path of my car and at a point of about 4 miles down the road, it rotated to the left side, and within an instant was gone. Only a small portion of the cloud was all that was left. I called a friend of mine to tell him of the sighting, and he said he knew what I had seen because he saw it as well. He was traveling south on a Highway as much as 10 miles away heading south. The wildest thing I have ever seen..." 5 mins. (NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD)

September 10, 1974; Cincinnati, Ohio
9:00 p.m. Saw light in sky approaching the river. 59387

September 15, 1974; Woodburn, Indiana
9:30 p.m. Huge rectangle hovered over house for 10 mins. ((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the incident is approximate. PD)

September 22, 1974; Fort Knox to Radcliff, Kentucky
12:00 a.m. Man woke up his kids and they watched UFO from home window, then followed the UFO in their car from Fort Knox to Radcliff. 45867

September 25, 1974; Falmouth, Kentucky
6:10 a.m. While on the way to work witness and her mom were on a flat straight area of road. All of a sudden they encountered two strange looking objects, top shaped, hovering over the small transformer station that powered the factory. It had a row of colored lights going around about the middle and seemed to be either rotating or flashing in sequence to the left while the bottom seemed to be spinning to the right. She didn't get a very long look at them because she yelled to her mom pull over, pull over! By this time she had seen them too. As soon as they pulled over they took off in a shot!  . 60321


Oct. 1,2,3, 1974; Mt. Vernon, Indiana
Strange object with lights observed and called in to UFO Filter Center.

Oct. 4, 1974; Mt. Vernon, Indiana
8:45 p.m. Strange night close encounter with three MUFON FIs out on a SKYWATCH patrol. This report was not filed for eleven years because of the nature of the incident. Witnesses feel that the UFO knew where they were and was there BECAUSE they were there. See report synopsis. (UFOFC, Fran Ridge files)

Oct. 5, 1974; Mt. Vernon, Indiana
8:30 p.m. About same time as night before, this 3-5 minute observation of 6-10 white lights in string heading south to north was logged by the SKYWATCH patrol. (UFOFC, Fran Ridge files)

Oct. 6, 1974; Mt. Vernon, Indiana
8:20 p.m. SKYWATCH patrol "Money Man" radioed "Sky King" (Fran Ridge) and "Sailor" about a "bogey" crossing the Ohio River S-N with same description as nights previous.  The object of Oct. 4, however, was not the same object by any stretch of imagination, but an even more stranger coincidence. (UFOFC, Fran Ridge files)

Control Tower at Dress-Regional Airport (Evansville, IN) was contacted and ARTC Bill Lindall advised it was probably Delta 556, a DC-9 out of Memphis on Jet Airway 29 with new "see and be seen lighting". This was effective Oct. 1 and the aircraft switch on this lighting pattern when on low approach. This had nothing to do with the object with lights observed by the MUFON team.


Oct. 10, 1974; Owensboro, Kentucky
Daytime.  Two 9-year-old girls playing on the bank of the Ohio River near the Mid-South Mobile Home Park reported spotting an unidentified flying object on the south side of the river. The girls said the object, about the size of a small automobile, was shaped like a saucer with a handleless cup atop it. They said the vehicle was a "tannish-white" with purple and yellow flashing lights. It hovered near the bank, disappeared and reappeared a short distance away several times, they said. A photographer  who went to the scene after the girls called the Sheriff and  local airport, may have seen it, too. (News clipping, Messenger & Inquirer, Owensboro, KY)

9:45 p.m. Close encounter with spinning object 15-25' away from two witnesses and their automobile, car engine died. See clippings (main link is page 1) and http://www.nicap.org/741020elkhart2.jpg Page 2.

October 24, 1974; Huber Heights, Ohio
11:20 p.m. "As big as a gas station" it changed colors from dark black to green then red. 30002

Oct. 24, 1974; Northern Indiana
Incident similar to "Disappearance of Flight 412". UFO incident date coincides with emergency landing of two jet interceptors with one crashing and the pilot ejecting somewhere in Indiana. (Source: UFOFC)

Oct. 29, 1974; Melrose Park, Illinois
CE-1. No details (CUFOS)

Oct. 31, 1974; Barrington, IL
Evening. Two 7th graders and one of their moms reported something quite large with lights all around it. Described as round and black, going around in a circle, bigger than an airplane. A beeping sound was heard. The mother reported the object as shaped like a cigar "and it had little square lights that went on and off." (News clipping from NCS)

The Intelligence Summary is extended here to include sightings until the end of the year since UFO activity was definitely up.

Nov., 1974; Kampsville, Illinois (exact date unknown)
6:00 p.m. Lady and her son saw sharply-outlined hovering object through bedroom window, become brighter, made "whirring sound" As it came closer the light changed from white to red, size of plate at arm's length, passed over house. (MUFON, Skylook 89)

11:43 a.m. On a bright day with visibility limited to 6-7 miles due to haze, Hugo W. Feugen was flying his own Aeronca Champ aircraft from Dekalb to Mendota, Illinois, at 2,500 feet altitude with a compass bearing direction of 240 degrees to compensate for a cross wind. As he passed over the small town of Shabbona,, Illinois, he was checking his position on the aeronautical map that he held in his lap to determine if he was still on course with visual navigation to his destination of Mendota. When he looked up from his map, he noticed with amazement that the magnetic compass on the panel of his old Aeronca Champ number N82198 was rotating counter-clockwise at a rate of four or five revolutions per minute. He immediately became concerned for the radical behavior of his compass because this was one of the few instruments in the aircraft used for navigational purposes. He looked to his right side and saw nothing but the town of Shabbona below him. When he turned to his left, he saw an object flying parallel to his aircraft at the same speed (ground speed 75 to 80 mph) and altitude, pacing him at 120 degrees at an estimated one quarter of a mile distance. He described the object as being shaped like a disc or an ellipse. If it was one-fourth mile away, he estimated the size as 120 feet long and 30 feet thick. It appeared to be a solid object, white or dull silver in color, without any openings or protrusions. There may have been a depression on the top, but this angle was observed only for a brief second as it was departing. After pacing him for 8-10 seconds, while the compass continued to spin, the object tipped slightly and the pilot could observe that it was not an ellipse, but was round in shape. As it tipped up on an angle, it accelerated to a fantastic speed toward the east and was out of sight in less than one second. The pilot did not have his radio turned on, so there is no report of interference with radio communications. (From Skylook,89, MUFON)

December 4, 1974; Girard, Ohio
7:28 p.m. Pool table-shaped craft flew just above the tree tops in front of their car. 28777

Dec. 19, 1974; Louisville, Kentucky
CE1, no details. (CUFOS)

Dec. 21, 1974; Darmstadt, Illinois
11:30 p.m. Three Illinois youths report UFO descended into woods. While driving, at a point approximately four miles west of Darmstadt, they were suddenly aware of a bright light illuminating the area around them. The brightly lit disk-shaped object was descending at an angle, with the leading edge lower than the trailing edge and the descent was such so they were seeing the top of the object; probably twenty or thirty feet in diameter. It had rotating lights around the lower edge of the rim that were red and yellow, red and yellow in that sequence all the way around. There appeared to be portholes around the object. It had something resembling antennas that were coming out each side of the dome and coming up as if they were going to meet at a point up above the dome of the object itself. The color of the "antennas" appeared to be blue. The object continued its descent and appeared to be in the process of landing in a wooded area about a thousand feet from the road. (MUFON Skylook 90,12)

Dec. 22, 1974; Fairfield, Ohio
10:00 p.m. Noticing a bright light shining in her bedroom, the 82-year-old witness looked outside and saw a "boat-shaped," or oblong, object hovering over a neighboring house. The UFO, 50-60 ft wide, had green and white lights around the lower part, and seemed to be rotating. It gently rose and fell over the  house for about 20 minutes and then moved to a new position above a nearby church. A white light shone from 3-4 square windows around the upper portion; atop was a kind of brightly lit area, in which 2 small dark humanoid figures could be seen moving back and forth in "cramped positions," continually gesticulating (or perhaps moving levers) with their arms. The beings, who ignored the witness, were visible only from the waist up. The object remained over the church nearly a half hour, rising and falling slightly, then moved horizontally a short distance and shot upward at high speed. (SYMPAP 1975,64)

This intelligence summary is subject to update.