UFO Intelligence Summary


Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2015
From: francis ridge <franridge@nicap.org>
ubject: MADAR 8 & 1976
istribution: MADAR, CE, A-Team
Fran Ridge                        
This intelligence summary concerns the events of 1976, in particular MADAR 8.

March 26, 1976 - MADAR Event # 8
In 1976 we recorded only one MADAR event. It occurred on March 26th at 8:45 AM, one of the few times MADAR was triggered in daylight hours. The equipment was in Mode Level 3 but the recorder failed to function so the magnetude of the event and duration could not be ascertained. Background radiation readings were normal and there were no significant local UFO reports filed.. The alert was terminated at 9:45 AM.

Form 146M printout for MADAR 8

What we DO know is that MADAR events are extremely rare with two dozen events in about as many years. The only data we had at the time were regional reports filed throughout the year. However, if you look at the outdated graph below it appears that something was going on in the region as compared to later in the year where almost nothing was happening all summer. 

MADAR Graph: 1976, current data is much better than what you see in this 20-year-old version. .

In 2015 the events of the MADAR region for 1976 were extracted from the updated 1976 UFO Chronology here at Mt. Vernon, Indiana. Theses events, which include the ones on the graph above, are now listed in chronological order below:

Jan. 6, 1976; Stanford, KY
Domed disc with body lights descended, illuminated car interior with blue light; missing time, abduction, physiological effects (Ref. 1, Section XIII).

Feb. 1976 (date unknown); Woodlawn, OH
Humanoid report. No details. (SR,89)

5:15 a.m. A middle-aged couple in a mobile home were awakened by their dog barking. The man looked out the window and then went out on the porch. The sky was clear. He had gone out mediately to check on this and some equipment, a backhoe, dump truck, 4-wheel drive, etc., and "saw the glow from the object. The whole area was lit up "like a dusk to dawn light that wasn't supposed to be there."  He was at the back of the trailer looking south at the object, which was less than 200' off the ground and 500-600 yards distant at first. It was stationary in the beginning, then moved slowly east, climbing gradually. The object headed further east toward a point south of his son's trailer, which was about 500-600 yards from his trailer, across the field and a gulley. The object was actually long, somewhat rectangular-shaped with blunt ends and flat on the bottom, with a strong yellow-greenish beam of light that they could actually see moving very slowly across field. "I could see the ground out there, the grass, the weeds...clear as a bird...good'n daylight (like)."....a little later just south of his son's trailer was a round object. It was a darker green than the rectangular thing and looked like it was right in the fence-row. This one looked like it might have been 8 or 10 feet in diameter and on, or very near, the ground. It changed color from pale green to bright blue and back to to pale green. When the larger rectangular object got over in the area of the trailer and a little south, the smaller sphere moved up to the bottom of the big object and "went out like a light." The single remaining object departed slowly to the East.  The big one was moving very slow. Duration: 20 mins. No sound. (Investigated by Fran Ridge & Greg Ward)

Feb. 25, 1976; Nashville, IL
Evening. Humanoid report. Woman encountered two "beings" while driving on a country road NW of Nashville. The being flashed a blue light at her before she sped away. Beings described as very tall "with large feet and no necks." (MUFON 100-7, CUFOS-AP)

March 26, 1976; MADAR 08
8:45 a.m. Multiple Anomaly Detection and Automated Recording device at UFO Filter Center in Mt. Vernon, IN was triggered. No data acquired other than background radiation was normal, 16 cpm. (UFO Filter Center, ridge files)
March 27, 1976; Mt. Vernon, IN
5:05 p.m. Distant cylindrical object described as a jumbo jet with no wings observed for 25 seconds moving SE to NW and climbing at a high rate of speed. No sound. (Ridge files, UFO Filter Center)

March 28, 1976; Villa park, IL
No details on this close encounter (C1) (CUFOS)

April 4, 1976; Huntington, IN
C1. Close Encounter listed but no details, one witness. (EGBA,673)

April 13, Alliance, OH
C1, no details. (EGBA,685)

April 23, 1976; Flintville, TN
Humanoid report, witnessed by Robertson. (EGBA,493)

April 26, 1976; Fayetteville, TN
C1. No details. (EGBA,493)

May 20, 1976; Jamestown, TN
C1, one witness, no details. (EGBA,494)

June 7, 1976; Cincinnati, OH
C2, one witness. (CUFOS, 9/76)

June or early July, 1976; Liberty, IN
7:20 a.m. Father driving girl student to school. Object sitting in sky somewhere beyond train that was passing. Grey-silver metallic bar bell shaped object with a few black places she thought were windows. In bar between the two balls was open space. Witness could not tell distance but got impression object was at least as large as a football field. One small tree obstructed view and in this brief interval the object vanished. K. Barlow (Worley files)

July 18, 1976; Gravel Switch, KY
C2, no details. Witness: Gilpin (SRUFOS,242)

Aug. 15, 1976; Connersville, IN
10:55 p.m. Object (repeat appearance three days later with artifact.), vacuum cleaner sound, 2.5 mins. Site of events was creek bed off Harrisburg road. Wife of rural family out in backyard notices wide band of white light in creek bed under trees. Family watches glowing white oval slowly rise up and fly away to the northeast where it assumed a dark oval shaped with white green and red lights revolving around its edge or middle. Wife saw hump on top. Lucas (Worley files)

Aug.18, 1976; Fayette County, IN
11:15 p.m. Object, no sound, 2.5 mins., five witnesses. Lady, out shaking rug on porch and sees glow in creek bed. Family watches as object again (See Aug. 15) rises from same place near creek and take the same route into the sky and away. Father watched what he described as luminous ball through his 4-15 power scope on rifle. Father, who had been called , watched object en route to scene. Another witness phoned the radio station who had seen it. (Worley files)

Sept. 5, 1976; Cape Girardeau, MO
10:30 a.m. A fast-moving disc with dome was observed, vertical ascent. One witness. (Rutledge, PID,200)

Oct. 1976, date unknown; Rigdon, IN
Abduction report. Two witnesses. Disc observed. Confidential report. (MUFON Indiana, Ridge files)

7:05 p.m. A close encounter case with six witnesses. Although a nocturnal sighting, the case has a high degree of strangeness, as can be deduced from the testimony of witness Lee Golden: "This is no hallucination. This thing came right over the top of the house (which was 50' from the witness), I'd say a hundred-150' over the top of the house. And it was rectangular on the top and it had a big light at the bottom. I couldn't see how the bottom was made, but it was totally noise proof, wasn't any noise at all." As it came over it appeared to be the size of an automobile and was gaining altitude and heading North. When it got higher up, something shot out from the bottom of it. Later on, something shot out from the side. The object had come from the South, headed North at low altitude (180-150'), then turned and headed NE, gained altitude and finally shrank to the size of a star. Duration: 15 minutes. Moved slowly at first, then seemed to stop, then moved quickly away and out of sight. See drawing. (Page 66, Regional Encounters: The FC Files, Fran Ridge)

The distant encounter of a cigar-shaped object apparently without wings, witnessed the day AFTER MADAR 08, was observed by yours truly.  There was no contrail. The sighting took place within a mile of my house and the MADAR site at 5:05 PM. The oblong object I saw was very high in the sky but it caught my eye as I was placing the company's bank bag into the outside deposit shute at the Old national Bank. It looked like a jet airliner without wings. I watched it for about 25 seconds. The MADAR unit did not register an anomaly most likely because it wasn't a real UFO.

This intelligence summary is subject to update.