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Date: Wednesday, 15 March 2017; updated 12 April 2017
From: fran ridge <skyking42@gmx.com>
ubject: Two MADAR Events in 1983: 16-17
istribution: MADAR, CE, A-Team
Fran Ridge                        

Six years had passed since MADAR-15 and the "WOW" signal in 1977, and there hadn't been any anomalies detected by MADAR at the Mt. Vernon, Indiana station.

On June 27th, 1983, something happened.

MADAR Event #16
At 2:22 AM, the alarm sounded. By this time the audeo alert system had been changed from a wailing siren to a gentler sonalert beeper. The radiation background was a normal 16 cpm.


MADAR Event #17
Then, eight days later, on July the 5th, it happened again. And as before, it occurred in the wee hours, fifteen minutes after midnight!  And again, no increase in background radiation.


Updated MADAR Graph: 1977

The potential significance here is that a major abduction incident was alleged to have taken place between two MADAR events and 170 miles apart. Could some type of UFO operation, regionally wide in scope, be happening at the same time. This was the first indication of the "rain gauge effect" we began to notice. UFO sightings were probably not random events. But what type of events best correlated with MADAR? We needed more data and serious studies.

February  1983; Barber County, Kentucky
8:00 p.m. A petroleum geologist was at an isolated area performing preliminary exploration and was sleeping in his tent when he suddenly woke up with a feeling that he was being watched. Crawling out of the tent he noticed a strange pulsating orange glow through the fog. He could also hear a low frequency hum. The witness grabbed a gun and a camera and walked towards the direction of the light. As he reached the edge of a gully he came upon a huge round object with pulsating orange lights. The humming sound increased as the witness prepared to take a picture of the object. Suddenly two short faintly glowing bluish figures appeared by the object. The witness apparently snapped a picture and suddenly fell into the ravine hitting his head and knocking him out. When he came to, the beings and the object were gone. Source:Aaron Milan, UFO Review # 27)

Summer of 1983; Liberty, Kentucky
Abduction report (Ridge files)

June 15, 1983; Christney, Indiana
3:59 a.m. Witness was 12 years old and lived on a farm one mile outside of Chrisney Indiana. His father woke him up and asked him to get out his telescope because he wanted him to see something in the west. To his amazement he saw four cylinders in a row, each was higher in the air next to one another. They also had lights that went left to right in the center of the craft. The lights flashed up in the air, but when one went down behind the trees it would turn its lights off and land the craft. His father told him that they were back at the stripper pit where their was water. All four were higher in succession from left to right. Later, when the ship on the right came up out of the trees, it would turn its lights back on. then the next ship on the left center went down and turn its light out. This went on for about an hour. They observed this in the telescope and got a good look at the craft. There was still some light in the horizon so they could make out the shapes of the craft, which were cigar shape or saucer shape. Later, the craft that was high in the air just rose up and headed west at the same time until it was out of sight. Later all four left in like manner. The witnesses never went to where the objects had landed so they didn't know it they had left traces or not. (MUFON)

June 21, 1983; Dubno, Ukraine
A wingless cigar-shaped object circled a strategic nuclear facility at Dubno, Ukraine for 18 minutes. (Source: Larry Hatch, U computer database, case # 13365, citing FSR, volume 37, no. 4).

June 23, 1983; North Sea of Japan
12:10 p.m. They (the Navy ship) were travelling in formation with the aircraft carrier USS Midway and its battle group which consisted with approximately 30 ships. At this point in time the USS Midway radioed them and other ships in the battle group that they were tracking 5 unknown objects moving in a V formation from the coast of Russia and the USS Midway just picked them up on their air search radar. (See details below)

MADAR Event #16
June 27th, 1983. at 2:22 AM, the radiation background was 16 cpm, normal. The intensity and duration was very brief.

June 30, 1983; Indianapolis, IN
Kathy Davis Abduction at Kitley Woods. (Budd Hopkins) Three days later (June 30th) Cathy Davis, the subject of the book & TV movie, "Intruders", was allegedly abducted near Indianapolis. Be advised, Indy is halfway up the state from our near Evansville MADAR site, hundreds of miles away, and hopelessly out of range of MADAR's sensor.

MADAR Event #17
Fifteen minutes after midnight! No increase in background radiation. Intensity & duration was brief.

July 6, 1983; Above the Polish coast
Daytime. Sighting of a Polish Air Force pilot and co-pilot of a near collision with 2 cylindrical objects that were 6 meters long and a diameter of 2 meters. (Reference: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Eighty Years Of Pilot Sightings, Catalog of Military, Airliner, Private Pilots sightings from 1916 to 2000 February 2001 edition 1300+ cases Dominique F. Weinstein)

July 6, 1983; Hampshire, Tasmania
7:30 PM. A motorist in his 1982 Toyota was driving home on a clear evening when his car gradually lost power and coasted to a stop. The headlights were still on. He got out to inspect the engine and noticed a wire fence throwing off sparks. Looking in that direction he saw beyond the fence an object about 100 feet away and 15-20 feet above the ground, dark cigar-like in shape with a blue haze around it.  The object began moving, an apparent shape change due to different perspective, and moved out of sight in the distance after about 30 seconds. (Tasmanian U.F.O. Investigation Centre, 1983.)

July 15, 1983; Highland, Indiana
1:00 p.m. A young man was fishing in a pond (Optimus Lake that has long since been covered over) just off of Indianapolis Blvd.  The saucer looked of seamless gold/bronze and had portholes a third the way up its structure. It was at an angle leaning towards him nestled in between 3 to 4 tree tops as cover to hide from the main road. He did not see the bottom. His family had ventured off to fish further down and he felt a need to look up and over his shoulder when he had seen it. He didn't know if it was fear or embarrassment, because he had just finished peeing in the lake, but he looked away as if it was just another object in his life as if to say, so what.  He has never shared this story but he cannot seem to get the image out of his mind. He did look back up eventually but it was gone and he never heard a thing to cause him to look up. It was as if he somehow knew it was there. (NUFORC)

Around July 15, 1983; Taylorville, Illinois
10:00 p.m. (approx) While laying in bed watching the "Honeymooners" the witness began to hear a low-pitched humming noise that gradually grew louder. She sat up and opened the blinds to take a look. Hovering outside at a height of around 10 meters was a saucer shaped craft of metallic construction. The total distance away was only about 50 feet. Encircling the outer edges of the craft were a series of lights, red, green, and blue. The lights created a soft glow about the craft, which was approximately 30 feet or so in diameter and rotated slowly as it hovered in place. The craft's hull seemed to have a bluish hue with a silver base color. The height of the craft was approximately 8-10 feet at the center, possibly a touch more. The witnesses lived on an old one-block dead end with only a few other homes on the street. Behind the craft was simply our their next door neighbor's one story house, with a large pine tree off to the right and their garage off to the left. No other major lights were present (a couple street lights were on) and the sky was clear. The humming noise given off by the craft continued to pulsate throughout the encounter. Witness watched for 1-2 minutes and then ran to my mothers room to get a camera, almost falling over the kitchen table. She couldn't find a camera so she sprinted back to get another look, but the craft had already begun to fly away. The last she could see of it was as it flew at a good distance behind the large pine tree in our yard (it faded behind it).(NUFORC)

July 22, 1983; Houston, TX
9:30 PM. A huge silent, stationary, boomerang shaped UFO with two large orange lights and many smaller lights in the middle of the V was sighted hovering over the suburbs in Houston, Texas. It then moved away past many witnesses. There was a wind sound but no jet noise, and was lost from sight in the distance. (Source: Richard Hall, MUFON UFO Journal, November 1982, p. 14, citing John Schuessler).

Although this report was created to study the possibility of UFO incidents and MADAR detections in the midwest, some effort was made to see if there might have been any national or world correlations of note. No obvious correlation was found in either local, regional or national..