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Date: Tuesday, 30 may 2017
From: fran ridge <skyking42@gmx.com>
ubject: Two MADAR Events in 1990:  APDs 25-26
istribution: MADAR, CE, A-Team
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MADAR Event #25
April 10, 1990. 1811 MT one pulse, 1 sec. Non-event. Sensor was jarred.


MADAR Event #26
September 13, 1990. 0334 MT one pulse, 1 sec. No data.


UFO Reports:  Sept 1-30, 1990

Sept. 1, 1990; Roscoe, Illinois
9:00 p.m. local. Triangle. Duration:10 minutes.  Witness was about thirteen years old and lived near a big apple orchard and had just finished picking a bunch of apples. He and his dad were out on the driveway, spraying all of the apples down with the hose. Since they lived out in the country the sky was almost always bright with stars and he often found himself staring up at the sky for meteors and such. This particular night he was staring up at the sky and there, directly above them, at what seemed like miles in altitude, was a gigantic triangular thing with bright lights on each tip of the triangle. The thing just sat there motionless for a couple of minutes. Then, without warning, it began rotating back and forth as if on a fixed point. After he came out of a near state of shock he grabbed his dad and showed him what he was looking at. His dad was not very emotional and kind of looked at it and said, "Oh yeah. My brothers and I use to see that thing out on the farm all the time when we were kids." Then he went back to spraying the apples while the boy flew inside the house to get his mom and grandma to show them the thing. They were frustratingly slow and he was begging them to hurry. By the time they got out there, the thing was gone and he was a little upset. His dad was still standing there with the hose. He asked him where the thing went. He said he didn't know. That was the last they ever saw of the big triangle. (NUFORC)

Sept. 7, 1980; Culver, IN
8:30 PM. Two young ladies were in a car in a driveway with the engine running. One girl was looking at the stars and observed an octagonal object (Exhibit 6M) passing over the car from the rear to the front. This made the third report of an octagon in Indiana so far. She then pointed it out to the other girl. Both girls were reportedly scared and started crying. Object was described as dull gray, with lights on each corner in pairs of color (red, blue, green, or "clear"). Object also was "dented inward" on bottom. "I noticed lines on the inside, but I am not too sure what they were for. It was a rather large object, about the size of a car." She later added, "It was about the length of a telephone pole above the car. The engine was running so I couldn't hear any noise. It moved about the speed of an escalator." The girls started to get out of the car to get a better look when the object disappeared before they could even shut off the engine. "It went a little ways in front of the car & vanished." In view for one minute. (MUFON Indiana, FI's Roger Lamberson and K.O. Learner).

Sept. 15, 1990 (date approximate); W. of Greencastle, Indiana
6:00 p.m. local. A silver-metallic hockey puck-shaped object observed hanging in the daytime sky.  Sighting occurred during full-daylight, in a beautiful blue near-cloudless sky.  Witness was traveling N on Manhattan Road in western Putnam County, when he noticed an object up in the sky probably many miles ahead of him at an altitude of several thousand feet. His first impression was it must be a balloon, but very quickly knew it was not one as it was completely motionless in the sky. He was able to try to watch it for several minutes, maybe as much as 10 minutes. But because he had to be somewhere at a certian time, he couldn't stop. The entire time he was viewing it, it never seemed to move. The best way to describe the shape of it is was to compare it to a hockey puck. It appeared flat on two sides and perfectly circular in shape. The color was silver-metallic. He was unable to make out any features such as "windows", or "engine ports". The object's surfaces seemed perfectly smooth. While it looked like a hockey puck, it didn't lie flat in the sky, but was "tilted" at about 30 degrees. Once again, nothing about the appearance of the object during the time that he observed it changed. It never rotated on its own axis, or moved in the sky. It was clear to him that it was some kind of solid object, and not something "celestial" in the sky he was looking at. It finally was out of his view after driving about 15 miles, but when he was able to take a peak behind him in the sky, it was still there. (NUFORC)

Sept. 20, 1990 (date approximate); Newburgh, Indiana
01:30 AM. Triangle, 1 hour. This happened in the country about 2 mi. north of the Alcoa Plant. Witnesses were outside talking and noticed in the E a lighted object just hovering in one spot. The lights appeared to be flashing. Suddenly this object moved up and down several times. When the object moved, they could hear the cows in the distant a mile away "mooing". After watching for about an hour it started heading W towards them. They could no longer see any lights as it moved directly over their heads but they could see that it was huge, about the size of a football field, only triangular in shape and mayne as low as 800 ft. There was no noise coming from this object and they could even hear the crickets as it moved over the top of them. (NUFORC)

Sept. 22, 1990; Champaign, Illinois
7:00 p.m. local. While walking out of K-mart witness looked up at flock of birds in the twilight sky. Above/beyond the birds he noticed an object slowly moving northward. It immediately gave him chills because it didn't look like any flying vehicle he'd ever seen. For a moment he thought it might be a stealth fighter, since the nation was gearing up for the first Iraq war at the time, but the object had no wings or rotors or wheels, just a smooth oval (almond or maybe flattened egg) shape, slightly narrower in front, with a small oval bump on top.  He couldn't determine surface details since the sun was down and he could only see a black silhouette against the sky. It made no noise, there were no lights. When he first saw it, it was about 45 degrees up, to the west and estimated at 20-30 feet wide, flying at approximately 1500' altitude moving N around 100 mph (similar to a small private plane in size and speed).  No one else was watching it. He observed it for a couple minutes until it disappeared over the horizon. After getting home he phoned the local airport and asked if they had any strange radar images or if anyone else had reported a UFO. They acted like he was crazy so he didn't bother to notify the police. Faculty member at the University of Illinois. (NUFORC)

  MADAR Anomalies DataBase (before MADAR-II went into operation in 2014)

Both the archives of the National UFO Reporting Center and the files of MUFON were checked for any reported UFO activity during the month of February and the states of Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky. Nothing of note was found in the MUFON files.

Although this report was created to study the possibility of UFO incidents and MADAR detections in the midwest, some effort was made to see if there might have been any national or world correlations of note. Nothing obviously suspicious was found. The first APD of April 10th was a non-event in our opinion.  The last APD (26) WAS slightly suspicious in that there were sightings in the region and the event occurred in the "wee hours", which was notable in many detections.