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What Is Considered A Correlation?

I propose three types of correlations.
1) No Correlation - UT or "Uncorrelated Target".
2) Direct Correlation - MADAR has initial uncorrelated target, local witness reports an object he believes to be unusual enough to file a report.
3) Indirect Potential Correlations - MADAR logs an anomaly that corresponds with a visual target(s) a) over a larger distance or b) over a wider anomalistic time frame.

Our most recent event occurred just a few days ago. On May 11th our MADAR Node 100 at Mountlake Terrace, Washington, recorded an anomaly at 4:59:27 UTC. Upon checking the data from the MUFON Case Management site it was discovered that an object that looked like a satellite was travelling south to north, but with a left to right to left flight pattern commonly referred to as anomalistic motion, passing over Marysville, Washington. Node 100 is just 18 miles SSW of Marysville and 9:58 PM local time is a close match with the more accurate UTC of 4:59:27 (9:59:27).

The first two examples of correlations listed above are fairly easy to jury out. It is the third example that needs clarification and justification. Let's look at 3a.

UFOS/UAOs have been reported singly, in pairs (SECRET Mariana, Montana film), and in groups (SECRET Newhouse, Utah film). UFOs could be performing a more major operation and over a larger area (similar to our actions in the Gulf Wars) such as what occurred during the Wave of 1973 or even the E-M wave of 1957, November, Levelland, Texas. MADAR could detect a lone UFO, one UFO acting within a multiple-UFO operation. The spacing of the sources could be measured in feet or miles. A MADAR detection might appear on a printout showing an anomaly at Mt. Vernon, Indiana (thus an "uncorrelated target"), and the same NUFORC printout could show visual targets 85 miles to the west or visual targets 60 miles to the NW. Does that sound a little far out? (No pun intended). If you think so, take a look at the following special 1977 printout created from three state databases maintained and updated by the National UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Washington:

7/10/77 01:04 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Event No. 9 4/26/18

7/10/77 21:00 Calumet City IL Circle 1 minute Perfectly round with blue and orange perimeter lights. Windows all around the perimeter. 2/1/07

7/12/77 01:48 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Event No. 10 4/26/18

7/12/77 02:10 Mt. Vernon IL

UFOs reported to police in IL, (60 mi NW of Mt. Venon, IN) ((NUFORC Note: Report by Francis Ridge, experienced UFO investigator. PD))

7/12/77 02:20 Mayfield KY

Citizens had been reporting UFOs to police at Mayfield, Kentucky, 85 miles to the SW!((NUFORC Note: Report by Mr. Francis Ridge. PD)) 4/26/18

7/12/77 04:35 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Event No. 11 4/26/18

7/15/77 22:06 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Event No. 12 4/26/18

7/17/77 02:30 Hazard KY Light Not sure Missing time and possible abduction while camping in Daniel Boone National Forest 3/18/16

7/25/77 23:00 Hebron KY Oval 1 minute Strange very bright lights moving faster that aircraft from west to east. 10/31/03

7/26/77 02:20 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Event No. 13 4/26/18

8/1/77 22:11 Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Event #14 4/26/18

8/10/77 01:00 Hazard KY Light 5 hours? Probable abduction 8/12/08

8/12/77 22:00 Michigan City IN Sphere 1 - 2 minutes view Three colorful spheres passed close to me and my dog at night on the Lake Michigan shore.

8/14/77 16:30 Olney IL Triangle 1 minute Triangular fire balls in August evening sky 2/22/05

8/15/77 03:00 Plymouth IN Light 45-120 min Very bright light; the light seemed maganetically attached to our plane; followed us on the ground. 2/1/07

8/15/77 23:16 Mt. Vernon IN


8/15/77 23:16 SETI 130 mi east of MADAR site picked up famous "WOW"!Signal.

The printout even shows incidents we were not even aware of until now, over 40 years later! Hebron, Kentucky, July 25th. And two potential abductions, July 17th and August 10th.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Director
(812) 490-0094