MADAR BRIEFING       

AUGUST 1  2019

Greetings Team,
We have been very busy since we went operational in May of last year, but the last month, the month of July 2019, was the busiest on-record. The preparations for the MADAR presence at the International UFO Congress in September and the sudden influx of major software and server changes has made it more difficult to stay on target and schedule, but we have been doing it.

MADAR is not a NICAP project but it is supported by NICAP, MUFON, CUFOS, NUFORC and UFORA. For certain the MADAR Project has taken me away from my previous goals and work with NICAP and the Lunascan Project, but anything worth doing will get done, one way or the other.

First of all I'm sorry we couldn't make the MUFON symposium (July 26-28) in Irvine, California. We had just had our second batch of 50 expensive sensor boards made and we just couldn't afford to attend.  However, we had some donations and sales since then and we are going to be represented at Phoenix on September 4th-8th.  I won't be able to attend but I am sending two MADAR representatives, Paul Anzalone (New Hampshire) and Paul Browning (Tennessee) and they will running booth 29, a corner booth with two tables. They will have a Power Point Demo and will be programming and selling MADAR-III DataProbes while customers wait. We will have 30 of the devices at the booth and we hope to have 100 running by the end of the September.  We already have 71 in the field.

To show your support for the project some of you may want to donate some funds to help cover our Phoenix costs. I had intended to have some MADAR caps to sell for that purpose so they could be worn by attendees, but was shocked to see we had only three left in stock. A batch costs us $300. 

The MADAR App is about ready to go and will be free for everyone interested. The premium version (under development) will be extra but most will be happy with the free version.

For the last six years the WOW event has been heavy on my mind. I'm going to be working hard on that correlation, not only because it was the most important one the original MADAR had, and made the first 20 years worthwhile, but it is also strong support for MADAR-III and the world-wide network. One of the things that has been on my mind more recently is that the series of 7 events in 1977 that led to MADAR (event) 15 and the "WOW"Signal had UFO connections, and therefore the "WOW"Signal had a connection by association to the phenomena we call UFOs/UAPs as well. These are inescapable conclusions, even though we don't know what the signal meant or if it was some type of intended signal or communication attempt. WOW underscored MADAR on August 15, 1977. And, if that is true, then MADAR gives more scientific value to the "WOW"Signal, which was never explained.  

Be prepared for a busy fall and winter.

Francis Ridge
MADAR Operations Center
NEW NUMBER (812) 490-0094

5847 River Walk Circle
Newburgh, Indiana, 47630