Director's Log

0940 took system off alert status and re-installed refurbished DCS800. At 1005 system was back on alert status.

Bid on DCS-800 bid won.

Beeper installed on alarm panel, replacing inferior siren module.
Radiation unit moved to north wall.

DCS-800 Fluxgate magnetomer shipped to Massachussetts for repair. Vitello bidded on new backup unit on Ebay.

"Lost Cam 4". Panel light had gone out on DCS800.

Sensor failure during test. Sensor light beam intensity increased.
New TEAC unit added to black box array for RAD & WWV recording, eliminating one single channel recorder recorders. The remaining SCR still used for mic pickup (TERS) of sensor movement.

Sensor failure. Probable alignment deficiency due to magnet variometer sensor becoming detached. Velcro used to repair and sensitivity of module may have to be decreased if system is triggered prematurely.

Radio Shack audio/video distribution board installed in MADAR room.

New TEP-100 (XFN-100L) received day prior, installed prior to datalog. 640x480 res established. Pwr supply and LED expired after 4 months of dependable service, probably due to increased output to bulb in last few weeks.  New LED is a 3.3 V, 7000 mcd (Radio Shack). Adjustable pwr supply replaced the defective unit. 

Switched composite monitors, put better one (Sanyo) in office near Quad, older one as test eq in control room. Tested TEP-100 in control room - defective.. Found two on Ebay and ordered them. Made the TES1392 work on-camera (cam2) until TV Elite Pro is replaced.

Contacted police, sheriff, state police, control tower and Mt. Vernon Democrat. No formal PR work conducted, just first contact.

MADAR 27 report released.

EPROM dloaded to thumb and transferred to Dell and p/o made and posted on email for graphing.

Geiger Panel moved to right and monitor to center to avoid possible E-M from 6 volt SPDT relay in radpanael.

Monitor 4 geiger counter ordered from  Minerallab, LLC.

Presario pc replaced with HP1.
Short computer tapes replaced with 90 min cassettes on rec 1 & 2.

Cable and software ordered from Mineralab.

Battery eliminators attached to pvc cap/pipe assys to repl D-cells on V-700.
Geiger counter didn't work.

Second CTR-76 installed on V-700. Bad one credited to PayPal and disposed of.

Software imnstalled on "new" HP2 computer.

Received the Yamaha recorder yesterday. After many weeks of reeiving bad electronics I think we are almost there. Will hook up today.
Note: Logged background radiation readings from i/n source must be obtained after page "refresh".
Note: Not sure when I started this but I reload the datalogger E-M graphic each morning and each evening so that the readings don't freeze up on the screen, thereby not displaying live readings on Quad.
MADAR shut down from login at 0712 to noon. Yamaha connected but can't be a turn-on device so I went back to old config. LEF and RA on TEAC, TERS CTR-76 with sensor. YAMAHA on standby.
Bad TEAC shipped out.

Put CVAT quad back in service after running jumpers to fix the ground problem on Cams 1 & 2.  The Sanyo apparently won't run in color but has some problems when online. Main problem is there is no available manual so I cannot set this one up. Hope to get authorization from Scott today to return the item for credit.
Disconnected the antenna to the WWV at 2015, lightning.

During demonstration the Arm switch on the Mode Control Panel was inadvertantly left in OFF position. Alarm Panel and recorders would not have been activated during an event.

TLC2100 F put online as Flight Data Recorder with A/C feed and Cam. 2 (E-M redaing).

At 0721 the CVAT was taken off line for repairs. Cam 2 feed was routed to data recorders during this period for surveillance continuity. At 1311 the CVAT was put back into service.

Memorex Power Center installed as Alarm Panel. Items on this panel when the switches light up indicating an event is in progress are as follows:
Aux 2 = Sony TCM-818 (siren tape) & red bulb/flasher on power strip
Aux 1 = Delayed Alarm Module
Mon = DAS
Interex Surge Slayer, PCS210 TF not online
HS0007 flip clock received. Was supposed to be 110 VAC, turned out to be 3 VDC, but we can still use it with a 3 VDC power adaptor on the main relay. This is the Event Time Indicator (ETI). On the 28th of Feb we installed the TLI (Time Lapse Indicator) which is an analog clock. With both of these we can establish time of event and how long the system was running at alarm mode.

Received (6) BNC to phono adaptors.
Alarm Panel installed. Red lights on
Downstairs: DAS (Delayed Alarm Signal) Module installed. Center position is ":OFF". Up or down selects the alarm sound.  Upstairs: Siren on audio recorder "PLAY" and red light on power strip installed.

Backup TLC2100 installed on 40" monitor.
Cat 5 cable ran from box to pc in cubby hole.
Ordered RCA female to 1/4" phono plugs
Ordered BNC to RCA male adaptor plugs

Received backup surveillance recorder TLC2100.

Issues with 12 VDC system. Main MADAR pwrpack then changed from 500 milliamps to 1000 milliamps. 12 VDC DAS configured on 3.1.2014 failed to operate from output jack. Relay on Geiger Module may not have enough power and cause relay to drop out, losing all recorders. The answer is to use the 115 VAC power strip from the relay points to run ALL 12 VDC (even 6 VDC) systems along with 115 VAC recorders. Much simpler for external modular devices. Modifications to take place in the next few days.

Ordered additional TLC2100 for analysis use.

Antenna switch installed for WWV on two receivers. Small RWWV sometimes outdoes DX160, is on 10 mHz. DX-160 is solid state also, and on 15 mHz.
Quad Select Monitor put into service.
Time Lapse Indicator in service and set at zero.
TES 1392 E-M meter, previously on standby mode only, now online 24/7.

DCS-800 Flux Compass now online and on Camera 4 position.
Antenna for aircraft installed.

BRad Module completed. cable from MCP to BRad was not on hand so one was fabricated for temporary use. Unit went into service at 1625 hours.
Flux compass was reconfigured but not put into service without a datalogger or strip chart recorder available.

Worked on the BRad Module but didn't get done, Contacts were dirty on the V-700 so I cleaned them,
Ordered a tuneable antenna (25-1300 MHz) for the a/c scanner.
Received the flux compass from Rich Vitello.
Mike Weatherford picked up the datatapes from MADAR-15. Originals have broken tapes.

WWV antenna connection upgraded and connected.
Found 6 VDC power supply to run the TES data recorder. Used good mic hanging from above equipment to pick up activity in room.
Law Enforcement scanner hooked up to right channel of cassette recorder deck. Left channel is still open awaiting a splitter for the aircraft scanner (signal already sent to surveillance VCR.
Worked on Geiger Module.
Ordered  Teac W-860R cassette recorder for data: BRad and Sensor

WWV antenna disconnected - storms.

Wiring completed and routed in the "cubby hole".
TLC2100 VHS recorder powered up and configured.
System went online at 3:30 PM with everything running as planned except for the V-700 Module and the pulse recording system. The geiger unit has all the parts and should be wired by the weekend. We're working on an amp for the unit to amplify the clicks, but the data will be fed into a cassette and will work just fine. The pulse recording system is for the Sensor Cell Module and is being worked out. We're operating right now in Mode 2.1. 
Good news: Dick Haines emailed me and has located an aircraft navigation compass which we will have on-camera as back-up to the main system.
MADAR Tour web page completed and ready for release Friday morning.

Rich Vitello had located a flux compass he had built years ago and sent it out this morning US mail. If it works it will be a back-up which will have a readout. 

Isaac Koi located the operator manual for the TLC2100. Jason Gillman sent us the pdf file before the day even ended.

First test of the new MADAR system, but without the radiation module and the new (used) surveillance Quad recorder. Everything worked as planned. Almost ready to put into service.

Sonalert beeper for the alarm signal was installed on the Mode Control Panel. Tests on the MCP were successful.

Drilled the hole through the top of the magnet variometer sensor for the light to strike the P/E cell when not on North. Not tested.
12 VDC DPDT relay received from Rich Vitello. This will run the V-700 geiger module. Hope to have the wiring completed and ready to use by end of week.
Also received the new sonalert beeper ordered online.

Purchased 12x12x6 gray plastic box and cut out space for the V-700 geiger counter. Relay to run the two circuits is on the way and will be mounted in the box along with a small amp.
New sensor for the Sensor Cell Module was received today. This one is 300% more sensitive and works much better than the first ones we tried. Actually this is the same model used on MADAR-1 which was thought to be too sensitive and would introduce many false alarms, but it didn't. Location was/is the key.

Since the donar hasn't supplied the surveillance system VCR I decided to buy one, a TLC2100. Records up to 40 days on one tape.

Tested Sensor Cell Module with the P/E cell module in the light tube. Although the concept was valid and light-to-cell greatly improved it was found that the sensor itself has a pivot & balance problem. The backup unit was no improvement, so I ordered another sensor. This one is identicle to the MADAR-I sensor and much more sensitive (than the current one) and will work in the new SCM config.
Mode Control Panel wiring was a problem, but after working on it all week I was able to work everything out and using the new black box as planned.

LED light beam unit is being installed on the Sensor Cell Module. Some adjustments are necessary before we move to the next phase.

The panel box was drilled for the components. The snap-in module for the main relay was constructed. All switches and LEDs were affixed with long wire leads and placed in the panel face for later connections.

Computer monitor purchased for main computer, freeing up smaller monitor for use on MADAR Project.

LYD CM208CA Mini Camera received.
(1) 12v siren module was ordered.


(2) Amico DC 12V Photoelectric Switch Sensor Relay Modules 50mmx25mm w 2 Cable
The DX-160 receiver, which gives us a running time fix, will feed the Fort Collins signal into the recorders and support the Quad-time which is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of our Monitor.