Node 134 & 125
New Zealand

Australia with Node 134 at Raceview QLD. Note Node 125 in New Zealand. 

MADAR Op 134 is Geoff Wheeler. He was born and raised in Ipswich and still lives there. He studied electrical engineering at QIT, (now QUT – Queensland University of Technology). He worked for Telecom Australia, now Telstra, as a data repair technician, and later as a (telecom) network spares facilitator.  He is a member of UFO Research Queensland Inc. and there is a small offshoot in his city – Ipswich UFO Group. This group has been in existence since 1991, He joined in 1994 and has been active since then. In the earlier years there were attempts to investigate only local sightings, but this has been curtailed because there just aren’t the member numbers to support investigations properly. However, they still have quarterly meetings.  Ipswich City is adjacent to RAAF base Amberley, which is currently home to Australia’s C-17 squadron, FA-18 Growler squadron and mid-air refueller group. Amberley was the home base for the RAAF’s F-111 fleet.

Renowned researchers and investigators in Australia include Bill Chalker, Paul Dean, Keith Basterfield.

To the right-bottom is MADAR 125 operated by Mark Fahey at Christ Church, New Zealand.