Nodes 157, 135, 140 & 147 in FLORIDA

MADAR system in Florida

Sabrina Marie Robb operates Node 135 at Ocala, formerly George Hopper at Pinellas, Florida.
Linton Herbert runs Node 140 at Largo
Chris Goodman monitors Node 147 at North Port
Robert Browning operates Node 157 at Pensacola.

All four devices use the new I-board.  Node 154 is actually located at Woodbine, Georgia.
SABRINA MARIE ROBB - Retired USAF in 1995 after 22 years. Received Commission as an Officer and spent last 15 in Minuteman ICBM Operations. Held various positions while an USAF Cop. Held positions as Minuteman Launch Control Officer, Minuteman Missile Procedures Trainer Operator, Minuteman ICBM Instructor at 4315 CCTS ( Combat Crew Training Squadron) and then Chief, Minuteman Missile Procedures Training Branch while in Minuteman ICBM Operations. After Commissioning  was assigned to Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, Montana ( 2 times ) and Vandenberg AFB, Calif. for Missile Operations career. MUFON Field Investigator since August 2018. MADAR located at Ocala not far from Navy base at Pinecastle.

Sightings in NICAP files.

Sept. 15, 1968; W. of Cross City to 12 miles W. of
Ocala, Florida (BBU 12498)
9:30 p.m. [12:31 a.m.?] Missionary pilot Ray [Jay?] Cole, flying a Twin Beech C45H twin­ engine utility plane at 9,500 ft heading 120° at 200 mph true airspeed, with a pilot passenger Ray Rushing, saw a white [?] light with pale green light flashing less than once per sec at their flight level, moving up and down vertically by about 500-1,000 ft  for 15 mins maintaining distance then turned right about 10° climbed at a 15° angle until vanishing when 12 miles out from Ocala. 2nd light, very bright white also flashing pale green and at about 5,000 ft height, then suddenly appeared on a collision course, made a 90° turn at about 2 miles away and 500 ft below, then descended and receded to about 15 miles away and disappeared with distance to the W of Ocala. Later, ground radar said a target was following them [?]. (NARCAP; Berliner)

Nov. 26, 1968: Lake Cyprus, FL
Four bright, oval objects paced aircraft. Pilot turned plane toward them, objects formed vertical stack, shot up and out of sight (Sections III, X, Vol. II, The UFO Evidence). Radar confirmed UFOs.


Primary targets, United States