Nodes 148 and 115
MADAR  Illinois


MADAR Node 148 is operated by Tim Aines at Northbrook, Illinois. He is currently in the MUFON FI training program. . He retired from his civilian career on February 1st of 2019.  He most recently was a Technical Account Manager for VMware in Palo Alto, CA.  On the government side, he was an active duty USMC Intelligence officer from 1979 to 1985, leaving the service as a Captain.  His specialty was classified imaging reconnaissance satellites.  After out about a year and getting his civilian career established, he went into the one weekend a month reserves, this time the US Coast Guard.  He was an Intelligence officer there as well from 1986 to 2005, and retired in 2005 as a Commander (after getting called up for 2 years of active duty after 9/11.) 

Pocket City defines an area where the three states of Illinois, Indiana  and Kentucky join together. The "Pocket City Array" beginning with Node 114, is operated by the MADAR Director's son, Brett Ridge, at Norris City, Illinois. About 30 miles to the east, and on into southern Indiana is Node 119, operated by Steve Curtis, a civilian pilot located at Mt. Vernon. This river city was the location of the former HQ of MADAR (I) for over 46 years. Thirty miles futher east is Node 142, the current MADAR HQ, operated by MADAR Director, Fran Ridge, and includes the full older MADAR-II Site System site.  And 30 miles to the NE is Node 114, operated by Ridge's daughter, DeAnna Hoffman. 

Nodes 108 and 99 are test nodes operated by one of our Tech Specialists at New London, Iowa.

Illinois needs some nodes in the central part of the state.