Fran Ridge, MADAR Director, operates MADAR Node 142 and the full MADAR-II System site at Newburgh,
Supporting the tri-state region:
Node 114 is 30 miles to the NE of this hub at Santa Claus, Indiana, operated by DeAnna Hoffman.
Node 153 is 15 miles to the west of the hub and operated by Scott Paul of Evansville.
 Node 119 is about 15 miles further west and operated by Steve Curtis of Mt. Vernon (the former HQ of MADAR for almost 50 years).
(Node 115 at Norris City, Illinois, is  about 60 miles to the west of the Newburg site).
Node 81 is operated by Richard Busch at Spencerville
Node 79 is operated by Phil Leech at Marion
Node 84 is operated by Dr. Terry Tolle
Node 87 is is operated by Richard Ralston at Indianapolis

* Pocket City Array defines an area where the three states of Illinois, Indiana  and Kentucky join together.