NodeS 2, 67, 71, 80 & 102

(Top) Part of New Hampshire, (center) Massachussetts, (bottom) Connecticut


Two of the earliest MADAR devices in Massachussetts were nodes 2 and 102 (2017), which utilized the problematic "H" chip. As such they were also beta testing nodes. Rich Vitello (one of the longest members of the MADAR Project) and Bob Nichols (MADAR Tech Support), have had active nodes since that beginning, and especially since MADAR went operational in May 2018. But prior to September of 2019 there were no updated MADAR nodes operating in the state. Subsequent to the news of potential UAP activity in the state all but one node has been upgraded to the new I-board.

Node 2 at Holden, MA ("H" chip), Rich Vitello.
Node 102 at Worcester, MA, Bob Nichols.  Recently upgrade (October 2019), 102 now has the new I-board.
Node 71, also at Holden, MA, Rich Vitello. This new device uses the new I-board.
Node 80 at Amherst, MA, Ian McGowan. In September, 2019, McGowan purchased the device for Amherst, but the device never went into service. 
As a result of the news of recent sightings in the region, with no MADAR site near the epicenter, we rushed a loaner device to Whately, MA.
Node 67 at Whately, MA, Randall Nickerson. Researcher Nickerson has node 67 running and is involved in local sightings at his camera-equipped station. 


Halfway up and to the right is Boston

White dots represent targets in  2,000 warhead scenario. The yellow triangles indicate targets in a 500 warhead scenario.


Eric Hartwig, State Director
near Boston
(617) 602-9763

In the event a MADAR Op becomes aware of a good sighting or potential sighting of interest in Massachusetrts, they are requested to contact Mr. Hartwig for the possible deployment of FI's to the scene ASAP.

Previous to this plan of action, Mark Rodeghier (CUFOS) and I had dispatched a field investigator, Rich Vitello,  to check into the incidents near Amherts, notably Whately.  I also instructed Paul Browning at Clarksville, TN to ship a MADAR-III DataProbe to the researcher/witness at Whately and that device is now running. At the same time I ran a CMS check into sightings reported to MUFO during the months of August and September.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Director

Greg Berghorn, Director
Framington, MA
The New England UFO Reporting Center was founded as a multidisciplinary, grassroots center dedicated to the serious scientific study and analysis of the UFO mystery.

The link below shows the current sighting level as tabulated by NUFORC in Seattle:

MONTANA 7878337

Feb. 23, 1967; Glaskow AFB, Montana (BBU)
Two separate groups of  two personnel each apparently observed the same unidentified object(s). The same apparent object was observed on a  MG-13 Fire Control radar. The length of observation was given as two hours. (Dan Wilson, McDonald list; FUFOR Index)

March 16, 1967; Near Roy (about 30 miles NE of Lewistown), MT (BBU)
8:45 a.m. Echo-Flight of 10 Minuteman nuclear ICBM's of Malmstrom AFB, USAF 341st Strategic Missile Wing, SAC, were inexplicably deactivated within 10 seconds of each other and for 1 day after UFO's hovered near 2 missile silos. Followed a series of UFO sightings during early morning hours by USAF security teams. Similar unexplained deactivation of Minuteman's occurred with O-Flight earlier in the morning. (CUFON; NICAP; not in BB files??)

November 7, 1975; Malmstrom AFB, Montana
Targeting system tampered with.

November 8, 1975; Malmstrom AFB, Montana
F-106's scrambled after UFOs