Node 144


John Budrys operates Node 144 at Farmington Hills, Michigan

Node 148 is in Northbrook, Illinois and can be seen in the bottom left above and is about 300 miles away. The closest node to 144 is actually Node 4, 170 miles SE at Brook Park, Ohio, and is out-of-frame. This is only the beginning.

John Budrys has a BA in Psychology and a MSA with concentration in International Business. He has additional training in numerous psychological disciplines, manufacturing philosophies, shamanic and metaphysical techniques, regression hypnosis, woodworking, and audio.
​John worked a number of years as a counselor/group therapist for several organizations. He is retired (civilian) from the US Army as a specialist in manufacturing equipment, production process improvement, and technical negotiator for Abrams Tank and other vehicle contracts. Subsequently he was asked by several DOD organizations to return as a consultant on various vehicle programs, most notably the MRAP vehicle production and repair process. He spends his free time as a volunteer Field Investigator for MUFON and Researcher with this ERT. He is also enjoying investigating paranormal topics.

Primary targets, United States