Primary targets, United States


The above MADAR Site Map shows the current network of MADAR-III DataProbe Nodes in Tennessee.  The state has an interesting history tied to the nuclear connection and UAP.

Paul Browning, a resident of Clarksville, Tennessee is a paranormal researcher with one foot in hauntings and the other in ufology.  The subject matter of UFOs became a passion beginning the day he saw "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" on the big screen back in 1977. In 1991, he joined MUFON (after having several experiences in Gulf Breeze, Florida). Over the last twelve years he pursued his interest in hauntings and has authored a couple of books on the subject.  Currently, with his attention focused more on hauntings than ufology, he is designing and building his own gear to use in his research (data loggers, wireless motion sensor arrays and environmental control setups). But, after reading about the material concerning the MADAR Project in the latest issue of the MUFON Journal, he reached out to Fran Ridge and took an interest in the hardware design and felt he might be able to join the "think tank" and help/contribute.


The link below shows the current sighting level as tabulated by NUFORC in Seattle: