Node 100

James Klotz has operated MADAR Node 100 since 2016 when it was a prototype.  His site location is at Mountlake Terrace, Washington, 13 miles north of Seattle.  Long-time UFO investigator, Klotz worked with Robert Salas on an investigation of the famous Malmstrom AFB (Montana) nuclear-missile shutdown incident (see book, "Faded Giant"), among other cases.  Jim is a retired senior electric utility system operator/training coordinator. 

Daniel Nims operates Node 130 at Walla Walla, 275 miles to the SE, which went online in August of 2018.  Nims short bio: BS-USAF Academy, MS-Florida State U. (Aeronautical Engineering), USAF Test Pilot School.  20 year Air Force career as fighter pilot (F-4), weapons test pilot, test pilot (A-10, A-7, F-16). Test career included operations at Area 51. Director of Test for the F-22 program, Director of Test Resources for USAF Systems Command. Joined MUFON 2017. Now a Field Investigator, State Section Director for Eastern WA, newly promoted to WA State Chief Investigator,

Peter Davenport, one of the original MADAR members and primary supporter of the passive radar concept of UFO detection, has been the Director of the National UFO Reporting Center since July 1994. NUFORC has its command center in Seattle, just 14 miles south of Node 100.

Potential Nuclear Targets in Washington

Olympia is the State Capital. The white dots are potential nuclear targets in a 2,000 warhead scenario.
The triangles represent a  potential nuclear targets in a 500 warhead scenario.  Naval Base Kitsap
-Bangor, near Seattle, houses 8 of the Navy’s 14 Trident nuclear-powered submarines.


Washington has had more sightings than any other state. The link below shows the current sighting total as tabulated by NUFORC in Seattle. Over 5700 reports, the highest number in the U.S.!:

 May 12, 1953; Pacific Northwest, Washington & Oregon States
8:15 p.m. PST.  Several unidentified blips occurred on both airborne and ground radar sets. Aircraft attempted interception but none could make any visual contact. One fighter aircraft (Pronto Red) reported that it made many contacts and lock-ons. The total length of observation was 2 hours and 21 minutes. (BB files, Dan Wilson)

June 21, 1954; NW Washington State & Vancouver Island, B.C
UFO responded to coded IFF Mode 1 signals from the Naselle ADC (Air Defense Command) radar site, and instantly transmitted back the correct coded responses.  Tracked on 3 ground radars at 2 ADC radar sites (Naselle and McChord AFB, Tacoma, Wash.).  The UFO split into two or were two UFO's in close formation then separated, and outmaneuvered one of two F-86D jet interceptors, both of which radar-tracked the UFO's.

April 22, 1998; various cities, WA
UFOs sighted at sub base and nuclear storage facility.. From between approximately 2120 hrs. and  2130 hrs. (Pacific Daylight Time), one or more objects, variously described as a blue-green sphere, an oval of blue-green light, or a disc with six lights on it, was reported from multiple points throughout western Washington State.  The object was reported to change direction of flight on at least three occasions, to execute a rolling maneuver on at least one occasion, to come to an almost complete stop in two locations, to reverse its general course of travel from south to north, and to change its appearance, including its color, on at least two occasions.  One reliable observer witnessed the object to pass slowly over the center of Bangor Submarine Base on Hood Canal, approximately 20-30 miles to the west of Seattle, passing directly over the underground bunkers where nuclear weapons are thought to be stored.  In excess of a dozen seemingly independent and reliable reports regarding the alleged sightings were received by the National UFO Reporting Center between April 22 and May 11.

Fran Ridge
MADAR Director
Operator of Node 6