Nodes 149 & 150

Switzerland Nodes 149 & 150, 213 km (132 miles) apart

Node 149 is operated by Roger Spinner who lives in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, in the canton of Jura. He works as a computer specialist in web development and digitization on the one hand, and as an HR project/process manager on the other. In his spare time he is intensively engaged in all kinds of instrument-based observations in earth science. Over the years a few single instruments became a small measuring station
with a weather station, a TOA lightning detection antenna, a Boltek EFM-100 Atmospheric Electric Field Monitor, a Guralp broadband seismometer, a RM-80 Geiger counter, an infrasound micro barometer, a SAM-III magnetometer and an APT weather satellite receiver. However, the focus is currently on meteor astronomy and TLE (Sprites) photography. For this purpose, they operate radio forward scattering with the help of the GRAVES radar signal. On the roof they have a 7xmulticam for meteor and sprite detection and with HD cameras they film sprites when suitable thunderstorms are nearby. Apart of this, he is a board member of the Swiss Astronomical Society - SAS and a member of SAS's Meteor astronomy Section. In this context he also coordinateas the sprite detection in Switzerland and forwards the data from all stations to EuroSprite and the DTU Space.  He has been interested in UAPs (with interruption) for over 30 years. With time this became a bit frustrating, because although there were countless qualified observation reports available, as you all know, the established scientific community (with a few exceptions) refused to investigate the topic scientifically. And without the appropriate financial resources, the gain in knowledge also remained modest. Since a few years his interest in the topic has grown again. Today, as the first time the possibility to approach the topic from another side by means of modern measuring methods is offered, he'll not stay besides, so he is happy, to join the community here and to contribute his little part to the research of the UAP phenomenon.

Node 150 is operated by his friend, Jochen Richert, who lives in South-eastern Switzerland, in the Romansh-speaking part. He's an IT professional and also runs his own station (with a few more instruments)
and as a passionate ham radio operator, he adds of course the whole topic of amateur radio and radio astronomy. Since a few years, they try, whenever possible, to operate the same instruments (TOA lightning detection antenna, Boltek EFM-100 Atmospheric Electric Field Monitor, Guralp seismometer, RM-80 Geiger counter, infrasound micro barometer, SAM-III magnetometer meteor 7 x multicam and meteor forward scattering). So, they can compare their measurements 1:1 and develop the instruments together. They complement each other perfectly with their specialist knowledge. Jochen has also been interested in the UAP phenomenon for over 40 years, when it all began with the stories about the Bermuda Triangle and the books by Erich von Däniken.