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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2015 15:35:42 -0600, updated 10 April  2017
From: fran ridge <skyking42@gmx.com>
ubject: MADAR 6
istribution: MADAR, CE, A-Team
Fran Ridge                        

Form 146M printout for MADAR 6

August 15, 1974; Mt. Vernon, Indiana - MADAR Event # 6
MADAR was triggered at 19 minutes after midnight.  The TERS (Total Event Recording System) data recorder tied into the MADAR system mode control panel recorded all sounds in the control room and picked up a loud clap of thunder almost immediately. A very close lightning strike had pulled the sensor off north or the bright flash might have permeated the light sensor. However, two weeks prior there was a major flying saucer sighting within a few miles of the MADAR station.

July 30, 1974, Solitude (nr. Mt. Vernon, IN
8:50 p.m. The Sheriff contacted Fran Ridge right after the incident had occurred and was reported. Ridge's Rapid Deployment Team of three men were on the road to the area within minutes. Near Solitude, Indiana, just a little over three miles north of us, a Mt. Vernon couple and their little boy were on their way home from a play in New Harmony, heading south on Hwy 69. They observed an object silhouetted against the moonlit haze in the southwest. Although a few miles away, the object had a clear cigar shape with three white lights. They continued driving down the highway and, as they got over the top of some hills, the object started to descend, getting larger and larger all the time. Right at the bottom of the hill they slowed down and the object appeared to be hovering. It was approximately a hundred yards from them then, and it was moving, but very slow. The adult male witness reported: "It acted like it was on water or floatin'-like." It now had four lights on it, two on each end, the shadowy object was was long and slender, "kinda cigar-shaped." At one time "it was just right above us, maybe 50-60'. Well, you couldn't believe the size of it. It was real large. We went down the highway just a little further. We were going to park the car, so we pulled in there and were getting out of the car and we couldn't find it. It had just vanished." The object was "thin on the ends" and, "as it got to the middle, it was thicker. But like I say, we could just see the shadow".  Duration: 7-18 minutes. (UFOFC files, Fran Ridge)

Aug. 11, 1974; Concord, NH
In the early morning hours eight police officers from several jurisdictions observed low-flying saucer-like objects with red, blue, white, and yellow body lights. One officer reported an elliptical object with dome on top. When some officers flashed their patrol car lights at a group of the objects, they appeared to signal with flashing lights in return. (Concord Monitor & Patriot, Aug. 12, 1974.)

Aug. 13, 1974; Laurel, MS
Just after midnight Aug. 12/13 two motorists driving between Laurel and Meridian independently reported to police that they had seen UFOs. In one car an Air Force officer and his family saw two large saucer-shaped objects displaying a blinding bright blue light approach, then buzz the car three times.  (New Orleans States-Item, Associated Press story, Aug, 13, 1974.)

August 14, 1974; Clarkson, Ohio
12:00 a.m. (p.m.?) A daylight sighting , 2-300 ft from saucer riding on treetops, believed to avoid detection. 22031

August 15, 1974; Mt. Vernon, Indiana - MADAR Event # 6 (discussed earlier in more detail)
August 20, 1970; Climax Springs, Missouri
12:00 a.m.  Relaxing late on patio behind house, facing East. Saw erratic path of UFO at high speed for about 30 sec. then it was gone.  57886

Aug. 21, 1974; Sparta, Illinois
Time not given, or other details. CE-1, multiple witnesses. (CUFOS)

September 10, 1970; Cincinnati, Ohio
9:00 p.m. Saw light in sky approaching the river. 59387

September 15, 1970; Peoria, Illinois
5:30 a.m. UFO's chasing a UFO in distress. 10853

September 22, 1970; Fort Knox to Radcliff, Kentucky
12:00 a.m. Man woke up his kids and they watched UFO from home window, then followed the UFO in their car from Fort Knox to Radcliff. 45867

September 25, 1974; Falmouth, Kentucky
6:10 a.m. While on the way to work witness and her mom were on a flat straight area of road. All of a sudden they encountered two strange looking objects, top shaped, hovering over the small transformer station that powered the factory. It had a row of colored lights going around about the middle and seemed to be either rotating or flashing in sequence to the left while the bottom seemed to be spinning to the right. She didn't get a very long look at them because she yelled to her mom pull over, pull over! By this time she had seen them too. As soon as they pulled over they took off in a shot!  . 60321
lights that went on and off." (News clipping from NCS)

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