MADAR BRIEFING       

JUNE 28, 2021

Greetings Everyone,
It has been a year since we have had a briefing, updating the progess of the MADAR Project.  We had 86 nodes running then and now we are running about 120, with 24 in various stages of deplyment. We've come a long way.

MUFON no longer posts MADAR Updates in the hard copy MUJ each month. Instead, they have posted (or have us post) the latest updates on the MUFON website. The latest update, which includes the addition of new members and MADAR sites, can be accessed

Almost anything you want to know is covered in the following file folder for MADAR 101. Also please check out our YuoTube site:


MSV - To improve on the quality of the data without purging any information, I have developed a better procedure to extract potential anomalies. I refer to this as Multiple Sensor Verification. The MADAR node's threshold is different for every site, depending on a number of local factors. An anomaly is recorded when the device encounters raw field readings in milligaus that are equal to or exceed that TH number. With at least three recently credited anomalies having significant compass heading changes of at least 3 degrees, correlated with bonified UFO sightings, the data for the week ending 6/28 was manually rechecked and the number of raw hits was adjusted from 42 to 20. This gives sighting checkers more qualitative data and provides less "noise" in the NUFORC database, which is already overloaded with StarLink satellite reports. 

SNP - Successive Node Penetration is a little further down the road but we believe is not only doable, but will be a major archive tool. More about this later, but described in simple terms it will be very much like FR24's radar loop.

With tons of data yet to go over, we have three good correlations to report. The most recent was April 23rd at Millerton, Pennsylvania.  
MADAR -UFO-Signature

The usual business is UAP detection and the search for PSOI (Potential Sightings Of Interest), and checking other appropriate reported sightings against data on the MADAR nodes where readings increased but were under "trigger values". We also have  the early warning system available under DAS (Delayed Alarm Signal) to get even more data by special strike teams. Of all the sites running in the U.S. and other parts of the world, about one-forth are DAS-equipped, giving the op an instant warning to go out with specific equipment to gather even more data, including standard videos, night-vision videos, radiation readings, etc. So all of the DataProbes are obtaining data on local EM field readings, compass heading variations and the new accelerometer readings. Everybody has something to do whether they get alerts via email and cell phone or DAS.

Unless configured otherwise, all devices are programmed to send alert notices to the operator/owner's email. This is more for documentation than alerting but is still fairly quick. Most of the devices use cell phone aerts for notification. The benefits are alerting the op to get himself (and his team) into action, and the op/ell phone can be anywhere within phone ervice range.

We are currently working on a way to save data to the device's 16 gigabyte hard drive. This is the required and essential feature necessary to create and operate a Field Unit. A field device in most cases will not have access to the internet, so it is necessary to store the data until an internet connection is established and uploading takes place. As soon as we get those working we'll let you know.

We have a new batch of MADAR caps, and they can be ordered at madar.site. Both MADAR and NICAP caps are the same price, $30 each, shipping is free in the U.S. 

If your just visiting and do not belong to the MADAR team, you can join by just sending me a note. Purchasers of the MADAR DataProbe are automatically added to the madar email list.

Francis Ridge
MADAR Operations Center
(812) 490-0094

5847 River Walk Circle
Newburgh, Indiana, 47630