Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 07:03:10 -0500
From: Francis Ridge <>
Subject: [SHG] Re: Mantell a Mystery

At 02:56 PM 5/28/2006 -0500, Mary wrote:

I guess I am confused Fran, what do you mean:

Ridge says, "It always impressed me that he was chasing something other than
a balloon, even though to this day, it would be very difficult to prove it.

Well, first of all, I was approached in March by Drew Speier of WFIE to help on a story they wanted to do on the Mantell incident. To set the record straight, I told him that there were MUCH better reports and that the Mantell incident was not an unknown. He insisted that it was a "local" story and told me that it would possibly lead to other stories if it went well. May is ratings month and that was the release period.

There are a LOT of problems with the Mantell incident. It is NOT an open and shut case of a balloon. I won't go into them at this time because when Drew asked me to do the story I re-opened the investigation. When Dan and I get all the documents posted the case will be presented for comment. Again, the case is not and is not listed as an unknown.

I have worked with people, one which was on Project SIGN, and there is reasonable doubt about many factors in this case. There WERE UFO reports that day. One report of an object 250' in diameter moving at a good clip does not square with a Skyhook balloon, reported BEFORE Mantell and the tower saw anything. And some pilot friends of mine cannot accept a pilot who, during the stress of aerial combat in WWII, while chasing a balloon OR flying saucer would forget his oxygen. Whether we like it or not, we still have a mystery. We may not end up with an unknown, but mystery we do have.

Remember the famous balloon at Sandy Hook that was chased by the T-33 after the Fort Monmouth incident? Everybody wanted to toss that one out, too. Ruppelt (like Moore) placed the balloon at the right place and the right time. We went from a reference in Ruppelt's book to a full report almost 2" thick that blew that one out of the water once and for all. Now listed as an unknown!!!

One thing about it though, after searching all the records and after the Air
Force claimed that it was a Skyhook Balloon, they have pretty good records
on all the launches, but they never could establish a launch date for that

Taken out of context. I was referring to the Ruppelt statement and how at the time of the incident they couldn't find a launch date. Usually data gets worse with time, I did mention the later findings. However, apparently they are not worth the paper they are written on.

There was a Skyhook launch date established for 1/6/48 from Camp Ripley.

Just Cause, March 1994, p. 9-10: "The Mantell 'UFO': A Smoking Gun,
   Maybe!" Pt. 1
Just Cause, June 1994, p. 8-12: (Pt. 2)

This was published 12 years ago. I don't see any mystery when you have
Charlie Moore verifying this launch, the general pattern of flight and even
a photo. The Skyhook didn't have to be launched 1/7/48 as the winds show
that it could easily have been launched 1/6 and be in that area. If you have
any other evidence that the object was something besides the 1/6/48 Skyhook,
which did exist and was launch lets hear it.
Read Brad's email on this.
Otherwise, this misinformation is now posted by a reporter as a still
existing mystery based on your statement, when there is evidence it's less a
mystery then you believe.
I hope this clarifies your concern over any misinformation. I told the media much more but very little was used in the broadcast even though I provided all the materials and the era film footage from U.F.O.