Date: Mon, 29 May 2006 17:35:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Brad Sparks <RB47x@AOL.COM>
Subject: Re: [SHG] Re: Mantell a Mystery


But that's the whole point Jan -- the "Skyhook-like" sightings 4 HOURS
after Mantell crashed and 2 HOURS AFTER SUNSET at high altitude, made by
numerous competent Clinton County AFB tower personnel (and others elsewhere including
at the Mantell crash site) with binoculars who MADE DRAWINGS.  How do you
explain this????  Ice-cream cone shaped intense red light, just like red sunset
light.  Gotta be a Skyhook balloon right???  How can it be otherwise???  How
can you have such a "coincidence" otherwise???

But no such purported "Skyhook" sightings could have been made at 7 PM
Central time (and for 35 freakin minutes!!!) when sunset at the highest possible
altitude for a Skyhook was at just before 5 PM Central time. 

(Maximum altitude 100,000 feet to catch the last of the sun's rays even
though astronomer Seyfert said the balloon had been at only 25,000 feet.  As seen
from Clinton County AFB Tower till 7:00 PM CST, sunset for a 100,000 ft balloon
to the SW would have been at about 4:50 PM CST on Jan 7, 1948.)

This is a classic case of proving too much.  You can't cavalierly disregard
such Skyhook-like sightings because the "coincidence" is too great yet it's a
fatal poison pill because it's an absolute physical impossibility for the
Skyhook's 100-foot ice-cream cone-shaped gas envelope to have been lit up at 7 PM,
2 hours after sunset for the balloon.  The balloon explanation is fraught with
contradictions and sheer physics nonsense. 

I would challenge Skyhookers the same way Bruce Maccabee challenged the
Pelicanist debunkers of the Arnold case:  DRAW A MAP!!  Prove the alleged Skyhook
balloon's movements were consistent with the winds aloft at the right locations
and times by plotting the data on a MAP (and getting the winds aloft data). 
Remember, the CAUS article based on Moore's confabulations claimed there was
already SOME of this plotted for the purported Camp Ripley Skyhook, just not
for the entire path out purportedly over the Atlantic, so WHERE THE HELL IS the
tracking that supposedly DOES exist????

Conventional explanations must obey the laws of physics!

By the way in my haste to get my posting out last night I didn't have time to
look up the MOGUL flight date when the 650-footer passed within clear sight
of the Roswell base (my thanks to Dave Rudiak for alerting me).  I was going to
look up the flight date and suspected I had it wrong but was getting too
tired at too late at night (4 AM when I posted it).  It was on JUNE 5, not July 5,
1947, so it was a MONTH before the Roswell incident which strengthens my
point that the Roswell 509th certainly knew about MOGUL balloons long before the
UFO incident, contrary to Moore's facile lies and blatant falsification of maps
to try to prevent the connecting of the dots on this MOGUL balloon sighting
that surely must have occurred