Multiple Anomaly Detection & Recording
INTEL Summary

MAY  2018

19 June 2018 Updated 21 June 2018
220 UAP reports via NUFORC
12 MADAR incidents of interest
22 MADAR devices online and reporting

Of regional interest:
May 5, 2018; Norris City, Illinois  MADAR Node 115

May 6, 2018; South Bend, Indiana
23:51 Observer saw a light zig-zagging and maneuvering at incredible speed (MUFON)


May 6, 2018 Millerton, Pennsylvania  MADAR Node 104

May 9, 2018; Fairfax, Virginia  MADAR Node 122


Of regional interest:
May 11, 2018; Mountlake Terrace, Washington  MADAR Node 100
Compass heading changed from 341 degrees to 235 degrees, a 6-degree deviation.
The raw milligaus reading changed from "0" to 138.
BMP was 29.69 prior to the event, jumped to 30.00 but then remained at 29.7 inches of mercury.
Device remained stuck in alert mode.

May 11, 2018; Dallas, Oregon
22:30. Witness opened the front door and had just taken a step outside when he saw the object. It had immediately caught his eye as it was at eye level and very very bright. He called for his mother to see it as she had talked about seeing something similart before but in a different direction. They both stood in front of the door and could clearly see the object in the sky. It then began to pulsate, its brightness growing for a few seconds before fading. It did this the entire time they watched it. Thinking he could see a clearer image of it, he came back inside and grabbed their binoculars before returning to their front porch. Every time he thought he had gotten a good focus the object would move out of sight. It would go behind the trees and then reappear when he looked at it without binoculars. This happened for about 6 minutes off and on before, when the last time, he got focused on the object. When he did, it completely disappeared behind the tree and he could no longer see it and both witnesses went back inside. He then looked out the kitchen window and it had come back only for a few seconds.  (MUFON)

May 11, 2018; Marysville, Washington
23:22. (Originally filed as 9:58 PM)  A maneuvering white point of light was seen by witness going from S/SW to N/NE beginning at 11:21:58 pm and lasting 3 minutes with astronomical twilight occurring at 10:59 PM PDT. It appeared somewhat similar to a satellite after twilight except for the maneuvering and intermittent loss of lighting. Satellites should still be visible this soon after twilight but the maneuvering right and left and the intermittent appearance and disappearance would be unusual unless the satellite is capable of maneuvering and changing its configuration. "We observed an object at high altitude procede from south to north +/- traveling at a speed similar to observed sattelaties this object appeared to vary its course from left to right and back. It also went out and came back on as It traveled northward. Perhaps a meteor skipping off the atmosphere? There were no other lights on the object. Thought it was a satellite at first except that it appeared to vary its course left and right and would "go out" and come back on later on its generally northward trajectory. It went out at about a 35 degree azimuth to the north and did not reappear. It originally appeared at about a 20 degree azimuth to the south. It did not exhibit normal aircraft lighting characteristics."  Case 91974 - Sphere - AN1 - Cat 1 - 5.11.2018 - 11:22 p.m. - Marysville Wa. - Snohomish County - Report Date 5.13.2018 - Event Date 5.11.2018 (MUFON)

Note: Marysville, Washington is 18 miles from Mountlake Terrace, the location of MADAR Node 100, and the original report indicated the events occurred within one minute of each other. However, subsequent MUFON investigation called for a revision of the sighting time to 23:22, or one hour and 21 minutes later. In spite of this as yet unexplained error it is believed by both MADAR and MUFON personnel that the sighting at Marysville is unexplained and involved an object exhibiting anomalistic motion, indicating something very unusual and unexplained occurred over an 18 mile area)


Of regional interest:
May 21, 2018; Mountlake Terrace, Washington  MADAR Node 100

May 21, 2018; Grandmound/Rochester, Washington
17:40. An observer told of a disc, imbedded in a super bright transparent sphere, travelling in a northerly direction. Witness had grabbed a pair of binoculars and had gotten a good view of the object. Within the space of approximately 30 seconds of viewing with binoculars the object had just blinked out. The object appeared to be at about 1500-2000 feet, and what surprised the witness was how very bright it was, so much so that it hurt his eyes to look at it and was even more painful with magnification. He was left with a temporary flash burn on his retina. His field of vision was unobstructed 20-30 miles left or right of center.. His son also watched it for 2-3 minutes before it blinked out. [90 mi from Node 100] (NUFORC) 


Of regional interest:
May 23, 2018; Mt. Vernon, Indiana  MADAR Node 119

May 23, 2018; somewhere in Kentucky
19:30. Observer reported what looked like a missile shaped object going through the sky with no sound in broad daylight.  His family was outside and the 5 yr old was looking up at the moon when he shouted, "what is that"? They all looked up and saw the object flying over. Two pictures were taken, the best one provided here. Witness thought for sure it was an airplane, but upon zooming in he didn’t see any wings and it looked like a missile or blimp. Object was travelling even slower than a blimp. Then about 2 minutes later they saw a second one fly over.


May 26, 2018; Mt. Vernon, Indiana  MADAR Node 119

May 29, 2018; Mt. Vernon, Indiana  MADAR Node 119


Of regional interest:
May 31, 2018; Norwalk, Connecticut Node 103

May 31, 2018; Lebanaon, Connecticut
23:35. Orb of white light flashing intermittently and changing direction over livestock farmland. Seven hours after alert and 92 miles from MADAR site. Primary witness, his brother, and girlfriend were outside when they noticed a white, intermittently flashing orb hovering behind trees in his backyard. It resembled car’s headlight but there was no road there. It disappeared and then reappeared seconds later above the treetops, flashing for a few seconds then disappeared again. It reappeared behind the trees, downward and to the right of where it was just seconds prior. Witnesses were freaked out and went inside the witness home and watched from the window to see if it reappeared, but it didn’t. It made no noise. Witness suspected it was possibly a drone but nobody lives anywhere even close to where the light appeared to be.(MUFON) 

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