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Fran Ridged, MADAR Director,
Phil Leech, Director of Special Projects, MUFON,

Multiple Anomaly Detection & Recording
INTEL Summary

The Mutual UFO Network has partnered with the MADAR Project, along with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, in a joint venture code-named Project MATCH in an effort to correlate alerts regarding detection of electromagnetic/geomagnetic anomalies with actual sighting reports, and ultimately provide an early warning system to state directors and other researchers. The Project is also seeking volunteers for additional MADAR sites. This report covers the current month and may be updated at any time, but usually finalized within 2 weeks of the last month final entry date.  This is an preliminary analysis for all interested researchers. The MADAR "hit lists" are specifically for MUFON State Directors.

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Updated 13 Aug 2018 
See Archive for June Intel Summary

July hit list 

Sightings reported to NUFORC this period: 234
Sightings reported to MUFON CMS: Not tabulated
MADAR anomalies this period: 25
Last Month Count: 26

MADAR AlertStarts without obvious documented alibis and reported sightings are listed below in chronological order and grouped by date. Supporting printout excerpts, however, are from the National UFO Reporting Center and are injected. Sightings of interest should be assigned to MUFON and MUFON sightings of interest should be given special handling.

July records show

See potential correlations below but in NUFORC's reverse order.

7/2/18 05:36 Millerton PA

MADAR Node 104. 7/13/18
7/2/18 02:40 Bethlehem PA Disk ?? Saw huge object from afar taking up whole road, got closer and recognized saucer shape. ((MUFON report))
Corrected order and an additional sighting

July 2, 2018; Bethleheam, PA

Witness was leaving her boyfriend's house late at night to go home and saw a giant object/vehicle on the road taking it all up.  She had thought at first that maybe it was some late night street cleaning or construction vehicle. When she got closer she then thought maybe it was a tank and got scared wondering, why a tank was in her city. Then getting even closer she recognized the ufo type shape, and it didn't’t have any visible wheels. It was motionless the whole time she was driving towards it. When she finally got close enough to make it out to be a ufo she freaked out and had a panic attack.  was coming from up a hill and it was in the middle of the road, again, it was huge. Taking up what seemed like three lanes. It was gray and dull metal, not shiny. She didn’t see any windows on it from the angle she was observing from. As soon as she made out what it was she freaked out, quickly leaving the area and turning away from the ufo. ("I couldn't’t have drove past it anyway as it was blocking the whole street.") She called her boyfriend several times, body shaking and driving reckless and when she finally got ahold of him she was crying and frantically trying to explain what she had just seen. She was too scared to continue going home so she ended up just going back to his house and continuing explaining what she saw and then took him to the spot within 5 minutes of leaving and it was completely gone, the giant thing just disappeared. When she observed the object there was no one anywhere else in sight. (C.M.S. Case number - 93046) [Note the characteristic CE time in "wee hours". Witness filed online report but never responded to investigators for an onsite investigation or filled out any questionnaire. Listed as Insufficient Data but I feel that the witness was afraid to do anything further and should still be contacted if at all possible. - Fran Ridge]

July 2, 2018; Millerton, PA MADAR Node 104 Anomaly
Data on Millerton PA Node 104
AlertStart was at 09-36-31 UTC or 05:36 AM
Ambient readings were
241 compass heading, -194 mGa local geo/electromagnetic field, 28.54 barometric pressure
AlertStart readings were
225 compass heading, 0 mGa LGEF, 28.54 BP
Return to status
240 compass heading, -185 mGa LGEF, 28.52 BP
20-07-13 UTC or 16:07 local MT = 4:07 PM
Duration of anomaly(ies) 15h54m
[Note also the early hour]

Additional sighting of interest
July 2, 2018; Erie, PA
11:30 PM. The witness works at a bayside outdoor bar as a doorman. He was collecting cover charges from patrons as they entered the bar and appreciating the bayfront skyline, most notably the Port Erie Bicentennial Tower which dominates the skyline view of Dobbins landing which is the name of the district (Detailed report).

July 6, 2018; Holden, Massachussetts Test Node,  MADAR Node 09

July 6, 2018; Mt. Vernon, IN MADAR Node 119
06:55; 09:57
July 6, 2018; Newington, CT MADAR Node 106

Greenwood IN Light 2 minutes Two Orange lights in formation over Greenwood, Indiana. 7/13/18
Mt. Vernon IN

MADAR Node 119 7/19/18
Greenwood, IN MADAR Node 121 is down for repair

July 8, 2018; Salt Lake City, UT MADAR Node 112

7/8/18 23:38 Norwalk CT

MADAR Node 103 7/19/18
7/8/18 20:28 Vernon CT Triangle 3 minutes It did not look like any a/c or helicopter or any other type of aircraft I have ever seen. ((anonymous report)) 7/13/18

(More details)

July 9, 2018; Norwalk, CT, MADAR Node 103
20:41, 06:09, 10:10

July 10, 2018; Newburgh, IN, MADAR Node 06

July 11, 2018; Holden, MA, MADAR Node 02
July 11, 2018; Newburgh, IN, MADAR Node 06
00:25 (same time in two days)

July 12, 2018; Norris City, IL, MADAR Node 115

July 13, 2018; Norris Citty, IL,  MADAR Node 115

Sighting of interest and MADAR anomaly in California
July 14, 2018; Pico Rivera, CA
1:00 AM. The witness had just returned home from going to the local convenience store. As he exited his vehicle, he proceeded to move a few steps towards his open driveway gate, which he always closed after returning home. His driveway runs roughly E-Wt and the gate faces ESE. He saw a very bright, deep red (Detailed report)
July 14, 2018; Watsonville, CA, MADAR Node 105

July 15, 2018; Norris City, IL, MADAR Node 115

7/15/18 21:35 Watsonville CA

MADAR Node 105 7/19/18
7/15/18 16:30 Lathrop CA Disk 10 seconds Shiny silver disc shaped object hovering in sky for a few seconds, blinked and it was gone. 7/19/18
7/15/18 10:00 Montgomery creek CA Circle 6 hours Just sat there plain sight for about 6-7 hours. As big as the space station looks but didn’t move.white, lit like A light bulb....not v 7/19/18
7/14/18 15:23 Watsonville CA

MADAR Node 105 7/19/18

July 16, 2018; Newington, CT, MADAR  Node 106

July 17, 2018; Newington, CT, MADAR Node 106

July 17, 2018; Indianapolis, IN, MADAR Node 07

7/17/18 21:01 Richmond IN Oval
An airplane just went past a made a line of smoke. I see 2 ufo fly out of that line of smoke with a glowing light around them .

July 17, 2018; Watsonville, CA, MADAR  Node 105
July 17, 2018; Canyon Country, CA
23:00. Witness noticed two starlike objects moving SW to NE overhead in staggered formation, then turn and align in tandem formation after shooting what appeared to be a missile. No flashing lights. Appeared similar to satellites / stars. Initially very bright then quickly dimmed. Missile object looked almost like a meteor and was orange in color with a short trail lasting only a few seconds. Objects did not flash or appear to have any lights like aircraft. Moving at a rate of speed similar to satellites and of the same light intensity and size.(MUFON CMS)

7/17/18 23:30 Castro Valley CA Triangle 8 minutes Tonight while driving home from work, I spotted a Big Triangle shaped object. I saw three lights, green, white, maybe yellow moving slo

July 21, 2018; Norris City, IL, MADAR Node 115
July 21, 2018; Taylorsville, IN
22:07.  Witness was out for a walk with both her daughters and was about to head home when  her oldest remarked, "what is that in the sky". Witness looked up and saw a bright gold glowing (area),  so bright it lit up the surrounding clouds. Witness was reportedly "scared to death" but couldn't show it. She didn't want to alarm the kids. It didn't behave like a flare from the military base nearby and it didn't have blinking lights like an airplane, helicopter or drone. They sat there staring for what seemed like ten minutes, nd then, all of a sudden, it either shrank into nothing or it took off so fast it looked like it did. There was only one other witness that was in front of them. It was apparently above the military base (?). [Camp Atterbury] (MUFON CMS)

July 23, 2018; Newington, CT  MADAR Node 106
14:09 ,

July 27, 2018; Indianapolis, IN  MADAR Node 07

July 29, 2018; Newburgh, IN  MADAR  Node 06

July 29, 2018; Ashland, KY
17:45.  Witness was walking his dog and noticed a cigar shaped object sitting stationary in the sky . Watch for a few seconds then took a few pictures , then watched it slowly take off towards the south . He has 2 dogs, so he went inside to take the 2nd dog for a walk up the street and noticed another cigar shaped object sitting in the sky and it was larger and had 2 lights on . The first object didn't seem to have it's light on and didn't look as large as the first one did . He has 8 pictures total . The second, smaller object was headed in the opposite direction of the first one . (MUFON CMS) [However, Ashland is 300 mi east of Newburgh]