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Fran Ridged, MADAR Director,
Phil Leech, Director of Special Projects, MUFON,

Multiple Anomaly Detection & Recording
INTEL Summary

The Mutual UFO Network has partnered with the MADAR Project, along with the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, in a joint venture code-named Project MATCH in an effort to correlate alerts regarding detection of electromagnetic/geomagnetic anomalies with actual sighting reports, and ultimately provide an early warning system to state directors and other researchers. The Project is also seeking volunteers for additional MADAR sites. This report covers the current month and may be updated at any time, but usually finalized within 2 weeks of the last month final entry date. 

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Updated  9 Oct 2018.  See Archive for September Intel Summary

MADAR anomalies this period: 14

MADAR AlertStarts without obvious documented alibis and reported sightings are listed below in chronological order and grouped by date. In respect to potential correlations, the actual MADAR dataline is pasted in to show the ambient readings prior to and at the AlertStart. Supporting printout excerpts from the National UFO Reporting Center and are injected. Sightings of interest should be assigned to MUFON and MUFON sightings of interest should be given higher priority due to a potential MADAR correlation.


September 1, 2018; Norris City, IL  MADAR Node 115
14:30   19 29 32

The following graphic is from the NUFORC STATE printout showing incidents that are far apart, both in time and space, but still interesting.

9/10/18 19:16 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 9/27/18
9/1/18 17:00 Elgin IL Circle >2 minutes Saw a black stationary orb in the sky in Elgin. ((anonymous report)) 9/13/18
9/1/18 14:30 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 9/13/18

September 2, 2018; Newington, CT  MADAR Node 106
12:14   16 14 17

September 2, 2018; Alberta, Canada  MADAR Node 109
13:42   21 41 58

September 9, 2018; Concord, MA   MADAR Node 110
15:59   19 59 38

========== Potential sightings of interest & MADAR anomalies ==========

Ongoing investigation shows the sighting time (listed in CMS for this case; time given as "0-12-Midnight,”) was approximately 9:00 PM.
- Rob Swiatek, MATCH Supervisor

A documented time-stamped MADAR anomaly and an object representative of anomalistic nature, with animal reactions. Reelsville, IN is an hour ahead of Norris City, IL and 160 miles to the NNE. The sighting of an unidentified craft at Reelsville occurred approximately 44 minutes after the anomaly at Norris City, Illinois, indicative of a possible UAP operation involving more than one craft, or the same craft.
- Fran Ridge, MADAR Director

What witness described

September 10, 2018; Reelsville, Indiana
Corrected to 21:00 (9:00 PM) Witness noticed Venus, following the sunset and Saturn, in the SSW, were very bright as he arrived home. As usual his neighbor's dog, a large but very friendly, female, Pit Bull mix, was there to greet him. After watching Venus for a moment he saw, a few degrees off, what looked like a huge band of lights - white surrounded by red - began flashing and moving in his direction. As soon as the flashing began the dog seemed frightened. Whining, repeatedly bumping his legs and jumping up to push on his chest. When the object was almost directly overhead the lights changed to all white and flashing sequentially from rear to front. At that point a soft gold color glow defined the edges, giving him the shape he tried to illustrate. The object silently continued east until lost behind a stand of trees. As soon as the object was out of sight the dog made a short huffing sound, looked at him for a moment, then, seeing no reaction, calmly went home. He noticed something else. He has raccoons in his attic space. They are usually active from dusk til dawn. At that time it was strangely quiet up there - an hour after the event. (MUFON CMS)

September 10, 2018; Norris City, IL   MADAR Node 115
19:16 or 7:16 PM. is    00 16 05   20:16 or 8:16 PM Reelsville time.

115 alert 273 129 29.45 2018-09-10 00:16:06
115 alertStart 273 129 29 2018-09-10 00:16:05
115 status 273 15 29.45 2018-09-10 00:15:46


Map from Norris City, Illinois 62869 to
                  Reelsville, Indiana 46171


September 10, 2018; Morrow, OH   MADAR Node 127
19:28  00 27  45
Note the UTC here compared to the Reelsville, IN sighting.

And also note the most recent NUFORC all-states printout below. Morrow is only 186 miles from Reelsville, Indiana. And even more interesting, the Morrow sighting occurred within minutes of MADAR 115's anomaly. This is not proof of anything but we may be getting closer to undersatnding UAP operations.

9/10/18 21:00 Reelsville IN Circle Several minutes Craft-like object, rectangular projection on a circular object. Animal reactions. (MUFON report) 9/27/18
9/10/18 19:28 Morrow OH

MADAR Node 127 9/27/18
9/10/18 19:16 Norris City IL

MADAR Node 115 9/27/1

September 10, 2018; Holden, MA   MADAR Node 02
12:34  06 33 45
September 11, 2018; Morrow, OH   MADAR Node 127
16:56   21 55 45

September 14, 2018; Evansville, Indiana
03:00 Two witnesses reported to MUFON CMS (which I submitted to NUFORC)  that they observed several lights east of Evansville towards Newburgh and Booneville, but none of the MADAR devices at Newburgh or Santa Claus showed anything. Case is pending but the last state printout shows some interesting data. You can get the details by clicking on the blue link.

9/21/18 06:45 Indianapolis IN Unknown 25 minutes or more VERY unusual loud ongoing 'engine' noise for 25 minutes or more in the sky - invisible 9/27/18
9/15/18 22:00 South Bend IN Other 3-4 minutes 4 separate bright red lights moving across the South of South Bend. 9/27/18
9/15/18 18:26 Indianapolis IN

MADAR Node 07 9/27/18
9/14/18 20:00 Tell City IN Oval 10 seconds Lightless black oval blocks out the night sky. ((anonymous report)) 9/27/18
9/14/18 03:00 Evansville IN Circle Several minutes Numerous objects, one having a rectagular protrusion on a disk-like structure, animal reaction.. ((MUFON report)) 9/27/18
9/13/18 19:28 Monterey IN Light 10 seconds Stationary brightening light that faded gradually. 9/27/18
9/10/18 21:00 Reelsville IN Circle Several minutes Craft-like object, rectangular projection on a circular object. Animal reactions. (MUFON report)

September 15, 2018; Indianapolis, IN   MADAR Node 07
18:26  22 25 31

September 15,2018; South Bend, Indiana
22:00 Four separate red lights moving across the southern part of the city for 3-4 minutes were conspicuous enough to be reported to the NUFORC.

September 16, 2018; Morrow, OH   MADAR Node 127
13:41   18 41 05

September 18, 2018; Newington, CT   MADAR Node 106
20:45   00 44 00

September 19, 2018; O'Fallon/Belleview, Illinois
At 6:19 witness went to the kitchen and from my patio doors saw two pulsating, strobe like lights in the Eastern sky. The lights flashed red and white and were above the tree line. The lights came closer growing in size and hovered side by side. The one on the left moved away from the other light and the lights of both objects pulsed faster and brighter.Then the light on the right went to the East and witness watched until it was out of sight. The other light went south and was observed to move fast across the sky until it was out of sight. Neither one diverted from its path, in other words they moved straight in a path. Witness first thought of the lights that flashed on high towers but realized there are no towers there. Witness thought it might be a reflection but there was nothing in the house behind that was lighting up and there were no windows behind witness. The lights reminded witness of strobe lights as they were pulsating very fast. They were too large and too bright to be airplane lights and moved much faster. Witness lives near an Air-Force base and an airport so observes airplanes, jets, and helicopters on an hourly basis. The only thought was that it might have been large drones. (Listed only because the exact location is pending. In-progress, MUFON CMS)

September 19, 2018; Newburgh, IN   MADAR Node 06
12:37   17 26 37

September 24, 2018; Alert, Alberta, Canada   MADAR Node 109
19:42   02 42 37

September 26, 2018; Laurelville, OH  MADAR Node 107
02:14  17 13 40